Will Paula Abdul Be On Simon Cowell’s “X-Factor”

Rumor has it Simon has been in discussion with loopy Paula Abdul to be on his show he is bring to the US "X-Factor".   As we reported last week Simon has confirmed that he has will be leaving American Idol after this season. Simon has agreed to a deal with American broadcaster Fox to launch the entertainment show "X-Factor" in the US next year.  hmmmm why do I think that Simon & Paula may have had this planned all the time.  She got a lot of publicity when she left American Idol and now all of a sudden she may be on Simon’s show.  hmmmmm smells like a publicity stunt to get people more interested in X-Factor.  To be honest Paula and Simon have a lot of chemistry together and I am sure if she does go to "X-Factor" a lot of people will watch the show.  If I were American Idol I would be worried – the show without the both of them will have a difficult time competing again "X-Factor".

  • amy

    i would have been intersted even without this publicity, simon and paula are the greatest couple on tv no one can be as much fun as them

    • Amy, you are correct of course they have great chemistry! BUT, I think they are both smart like “foxes” the publicity will give the show an extra boost. I predict it will do very well and might even do better than Idol since I think Idol without the two of them will be sad xoxo Robyn

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