Willow Smith Puts Her Career Before School

Willow Smith Puts Her Career Before School

Fractions? Who needs ’em? Willow Smith is too busy whipping her hair back and forth to do math!

Math is for commoners, haven’t you heard?

Willow is the ten-year-old daughter of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith, and obviously she is just as career-minded as her parents. But to the point of letting her school work go behind? Maybe that’s just a bit much. Yes, she can whip her hair all the way to the top of the charts, but it’s not going to help if she’s as dumb as a brick!

The Daily Record reports:

I never really get to go to school because I am always on tour, or with my father. There is a tutor most of the time, but usually I am working so I never get to do the lessons. The worst thing about maths is all the kids are ahead of me because they go to school.”

“Maths”. I already fear for our future.

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  • Chiron Perseus Theseus

    Well that all just depends on the individual, homeless people have become famously wealthy, super rich have become homeless. Un-educated become well established and vise versa! Why such fear for a mark on a piece of paper? Such judgements surely must be behind us by this era! Its the actions of an individual that make us what we are (of course having great parents can also help!), if she doesn’t wish to be a mathematician who is to say otherwise? Sure maths comes in handy, sorting bills and calculating income vs outcome etc but what else? If someone wishes to gain a foothold in acting or sport (participating rather than teaching) or many other careers not directly involving mathematics then so be it, evolve to the life you feel most able, you don’t have to be the best but you give it what you can and you don’t quit. The rest is just a bonus! Knowledge is so very important, the more we know, the more able we become. But confidence allows us to act in the knowledge we hold. So if anyone finds confidence in something else (good, abiding freewill) then who has the right to take that away from another being? She has loving support from her parents I’m sure, thats more than most kids have. Live life as its mean’t to be lived, not as a robot to another beings fantasy!

  • Gemma

    In Australia, New Zealand and Britain we call it maths. The British invented English, so there you have it. Willow is correct.