WTF Happened On American Idol – Did They Count The Votes Wrong?

Okay I cannot believe what happened tonight on American Idol.  I thought Crystal Bowersox was a shoe in to win American Idol.  Granted they both have a huge fan base but Crystal Bowesox has an amazing voice.  Let`s face it Crystal has the most potential to have a career.   Anyway to make a long story short Lee DeWyze was named the American Idol tonight.    Sadly Lee seems more a backup singer than the main man.  His voice is generic and with all due respect to Lee I cannot see him having much of a career. 

3 responses to “WTF Happened On American Idol – Did They Count The Votes Wrong?”

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  2. linda loveslace says:

    Lee lacks in charisma.Charisma is half a singing career these days with a lot of singers atm.
    Possible explainations for his win…majority of pre teen and teen girl votes/six packing red neck male oriented voting/it was fixed since the beginning.