50 Cent Has Lunch with . . . Goldie Hawn?

50 Cent Has Lunch with . . . Goldie Hawn?

This, my friends, is SO TRUE. Yesterday, rapper 50 Cent had lunch with the Hollywood Gold herself, Goldie Hawn. The rapper tweeted the groundbreaking news yesterday, along with a picture (above) of the two snuggling up in a booth for a quick snapshot. “Say, random!” *click, camera flash*

He said that she was a “complete sweetheart” to him. Of course she was! We wouldn’t expect her to be anything but a sweetheart! However, we’d still like to know the reason for your guys’ meet-up.

Why do you all think the two were lunching together? Simply the Fates bringing two classy celebs together for a fancy picture? Or . . . do you think they’re dating? Just kidding, just kidding, just kidding. But, I mean, seriously . . . stranger things have happened in this Celeb World of ours.

Image Credit to: Twitter

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