Ali Lohan Looks Anorexic But Dina Lohan Says ‘No Way’ (Photo)

Ali Lohan Looks Anorexic But Dina Lohan Says 'No Way' (Photo)

Lindsay Lohans’ super skinny sister Ali Lohan looks anorexic – no matter what her famewhore mother Dina says. Dina recently told Us Weekly she “doesn’t read any of the rubbish” printed about her 17-year-old daughter’s emaciated figure. Dina went on to say that her model daughter’s health was ‘A-okay’ and that her sickly rail thin appearance was no cause for alarm. Of course Dina is the same mom who took Lindsay out partying and drinking when she just got of rehab… .

Dina also fiercely denied that Ali underwent plastic surgery saying: “I would never condone plastic surgery at such a young age.” When would Dina condone plastic surgery for Ali – when she is 18?

Ali also denies that she has an eating disorder – what a surprise… saying she’s ‘always had a fast metabolism and is able to eat what she wants, from scrambled eggs with American cheese and hot sauce to Nutella. I can just eat [it] out of the jar with a glass of milk.’

Well Ali – we strongly suggest that you DO start to eat some Nutella out of the jar and drink milk – you do not look well. Perhaps you don’t have an eating disorder – but as an aspiring model coming from the nutty Lohan family you have to understand that you are a suspect!

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