Angelina Jolie In A Jealous Rage Over Brad Pitt’s Mystery Woman

Angelina Jolie In A Jealous Rage Over Brad Pitt's Mystery Woman

Angelina Jolie is apparently is apparently green with jealousy and losing her cool over Brad Pitt‘s shamelessly flirtation with a beautiful brunette mystery woman on the set of his latest film, ‘World War Z.’

Jolie has been growing increasingly jealous and “paranoid” over what might be a real romance. A leaked photo of the sexy brunette staffer getting “touchy-feely” with Brad on the set pushed Jolie to the breaking point.

Yes, it seems Angelina Jolie actually lost it, and confronted the still unnamed woman whom she now considers her rival for Brad Pitt’s affections. According to sources, a wrathful Jolie confronted the woman face-to-face and warned her:  “Stay away from Brad… or else!”

According to reports Brad was shocked by Angelina’s outburst.  According to an inside source, he tried to calm Angie down by telling her she could trust him.  “…she just doesn’t trust other women around Brad,” adds the source, “because they throw themselves at him.”

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Its understandable that Jolie is jealous of other woman in show biz- after all she stole Brad from Jennifer Aniston on the set filming ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith.’ So maybe what goes around comes around… .

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9 responses to “Angelina Jolie In A Jealous Rage Over Brad Pitt’s Mystery Woman”

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  3. Deckerfam says:

    Don’t know if it’s true.  If it is, too bad soo sad.  What goes around does come around.  The law of reciprocation is not a myth.  Brad Pitt was so handsome when young, but his looks get more average from day to day.  Definitely NOT my idea of a dreamboat.  I doubt if he’s going anywhere.

  4. Ola says:

    Lovely, the trashy Jolie is so undignified…. not at all like the way Jen handled Pitt’s cheating ways.

  5. buell says:

    paybacks are a beyotch…. and so is Jolie

  6. Dream On says:

    After 6 kids and all this time together, this sounds like another media fantasy for them. Dream on.

  7. Candice Teresa says:

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  8. lee says:

    to brad and jolie;  you both looks so fake, you both sleep around.  Jolie with men and women without brad in the bed. Brad you treat her like Jen but worse.So what are you both cryng about you both got what you both wanted. Now man up and women up. If you both would share your other partners  with each other you would stop looking so fake, and look happy. Share your sex and swap thats why Jolie is so mad and brad you are too because you are missing the fun. in other words include your extra sex parners with each other and enjoy yourselves.

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