America’s Next Top Model Cycle 16 – Episode 10 Recap & Who Was Eliminated

America’s Next Top Model Cycle 16 – Episode 10 Recap & Who Was Eliminated

Last time on America’s Next Top Model Mikaela, 21, from Florida was sent home, five girls remain. The remaining models arrive in Marrakesh, Morroco, where they get to explore the city and enjoy the sights.

This week Vogue Italia Editor-in-chief Franca Sozzani is a guest judge and the models pose with a camel in Morocco.  So without further ado let’s start tonight’s episode in Morroco.

The girls are on their way to Morocco. Alexandria is saying she feels like she is getting to the head of the pack. The girls see a camel and they are going crazy. Guess it is the first camel they have ever seen. They want to do a photoshoot with a camel.

They arrive in the middle of a market place where there are monkeys and cobras. J. Alexander and Jay Manuel show up.  Jay tells the girls designers are inspired by Morocco. They have an amazing day ahead of them a traditional Marrakesh lunch and shopping day.

The girls are enjoying their lunch.  Kasia feels that everyone underestimates her because she is a plus size.  Brittani feels she is stronger than her and is happier now that Tyra has forgiven her for her confrontation with Alexandria.

The girls show up at a Villa and all of a sudden they see a fabulous show room and Andre is there.  They are going to wear designer clothes and model for Andre.  Kasia is having a problem getting a dress to fit.   They went through ½ the store for her to try and find something that fits, she is getting upset.

Kasia was the only girl who brought her heels with her and they finally found her a dress.  Alexandria left her socks on and they made her take them off.   Andre says Kasia made a good call by bringing her shoes.  Brittani is the closest to a high fashion walk.

Andre tells them to get dressed they have somewhere else to go.  They come to a rooftop that overlooks Morocco and there are having tea.  Alexandria tells Andre she feels unique.  The girls then find out that the rooftop is the rooftop of their home.   The rooms in their house are amazing.

They even have their own pool and the girls feel it is surreal.  Molly is complaining because she has to sleep with two other girls.  There are to single beds in the house and one triple and Molly has to sleep in the triple.

Tyra mail “you made it this far you are not over the hump yet.” The girls arrive in the Marrakesh dessert and meet Jay Manuel.  This is the location for their first photoshoot on top of a camel and he tells them it is not as easiest as he thinks.  Their photographer for the shoot is Michael Woolley.

First up is Brittani she thinks it is harder than she thought.  Mr. Jay tells her to stop clutching on the camel for dear life.  Once she got comfortable she was beautiful.  Mr. Jay says she got her mojo and confidence back.  She looks very beautiful and high fashion.  Tyra loves the picture.

Molly was good and they thought she nailed the shoot from the start.  Molly brought tension to the shot and had a great shoot.  The photographer told her she was amazing.  Nigel thinks it is a great shot.  Andre feels he sees the message of high fashion, it is high fashion.

Kasia seemed a bit stuck and a little too posy.  The photographer thought it was painful shooting her.  Kasia is frustrated about how her body is looking.  Jay talks to her about it.  Nigel would love to see a softer look in her eyes.  Tyra felt she was self conscious.  Andre finds a lack of energy.  Tyra feels she is better than this.

Alexandria Is excited because she loves animals.  The photographer feels she is thinking too much.   Alexandria was a huge struggle she is so controlled.  Mr. Jay feels she can be so much better she looks awkward.  The photographer thinks the problem is she over directs herself.   Nigel likes her upper body.  Andre feels like she has to relax her face.

Hannah was giving them bronco wild.  Mr. Jay feels she is perfect and wonderful.  Bravo!  Nigel love the picture because it is very different than the other girls.  Andre feels it is very edgy.  Tyra feels she is amazing and that her pictures were amazing.

They head back to the house and they have Tyra mail tomorrow they meet with the judges.

They are going to panel

First girl called & Best Picture –  Molly and her picture will be displayed in their home.

Runner Up for best photo – Brittani

The bottom two are  Kasia & Alexandria