Are Rumors Of Jay Z & Beyonce Separating True?

Are Rumors Of Jay Z & Beyonce Separating True?

It is being reported that Jay Z, 41, and Beyonce Knowles, 29, his wife of almost three years are separating.  This story is being broken exclusively by   Actually they are claiming the couple are taking a trial separating.  The site has a reputation of printing rumors that are not always true and this rumor is a whopper! 

MediaTakeOut claims:

According to our snitch the couple has been at odds for the last year. The insider explains,”The biggest thing [they argue about] is about kids, [Jay Z] wants them and Beyonce doesn’t. It’s all about her career, and she doesn’t want to slow down.”

Jigga is so adamant about having kids, that learned he just ENTERED A LEASE to a Los Angeles mansion – without his wife!!! The insider claims, “For now [Jay Z’s] going to be staying in LA. Beyonce will be in NY. . . The hope is that with the time apart, the couple will decide to either have kids, or go their separate ways.”

Beyone and Jay Z generally avoid discussing their relationship.   Beyonce has said she believes that not publicly discussing their relationship has helped them.  What do you think?  Is this a big fat whopper?  or is their trouble in paradise?

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  • kimmers

    Why would someone even take this article serious with the numerous spelling errors, dangling modifiers, and subject verb confusion. Even if they were splitting, I would trust this site to report the details. Who the hell are you anyway?