Aretha Franklin Fractured Her Toe

Aretha Franklin Fractured Her Toe

The Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin has suffered a fall after stumbling over one of her Jimmy Choo shoes, leaving her with a fractured toe.

Her rep said Aretha commented that it “hurt like heck for a minute, but seemed to subside.” After a few days, she had to make a stop at Community North Hospital in Indianapolis, where X-rays showed that she actually fractured her left index toe.

She said, “I’m so grateful it wasn’t my right piano foot.”

She’s now sporting a new shoe, which will ensure that she doesn’t put any undue pressure on her foot. She joked, “How am I supposed to match my new Marc Jacobs gown with this wooden blue hospital shoe?”

Hopefully she’ll have a speedy recovery, but at least her sense of humor is still intact. Good for her, making light of a bad situation. At least she’s on the road to being one hundred percent again, right?

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