Bombshell McGee Climbs Charlie Sheen’s Cocaine Mountain

Michelle “Bombshell” McGee speaking out for the first time described the mountain of cocaine in Charlie Sheen’s Las Vegas hotel room during one wild party before he began rehab said it “put Everest to shame.”
Charlie and Bombshell were at the Palms Casino Resort in early January partying with other porn stars including Bree Olsen, an adult actress who also made a one-time appearance on ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians.’

Bombshell went inside the addicted actor’s upscale $40,000-a-night penthouse where she described the scene as “porn stars ho-ing it up” with a semi-nude Sheen inside a hot tub.

“There was a plethora of cocaine everywhere… it was a mountain of cocaine,” Jesse James’ former mistress said.

Bombshell continued “I think it’s going to go too far, and he’s going to end up killing himself.  It’s like a train wreck, you want to watch but you don’t want to watch.”
While Sheen showered others with money and gifts, Bombshell insisted she didn’t receive any recompense but described the 45-year-old Charlie as a gracious host.
“Chuck says ‘come on in girls, have yourself a drink, make yourself comfortable anything you help yourself to it’,” she recalled.
“I wanted to say ‘hey Charlie where’s my money. I wasn’t paid to hangout’!”
“Kacey Jordon, another porn star partied with Charlie just hours before he was hospitalised last Thursday and said the actor was “wasted out of his mind”.
Jordan said she “couldn’t keep up” with Sheen, whose 36-hour bender involved
“$20,000 worth of drugs”.
Charlie Sheen is reminding me very much of the title character in the great poem by E. E. Cummings –
“A Man Who Had Fallen Amongst Theives.”

Image credit to Judy Eddy/