Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Reunite in New Orleans!

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Reunite in New Orleans!

It was only a matter of time before pictures surfaced of the famous clan strolling through the Big Easy.  Angelina Jolie, along with all 6 of the couple’s children, flew in on Friday to join her better half and take in the Louisiana sights.  Brad Pitt, who has been in town filming the crime thriller, Cogan’s Trade, was finally reunited with his large brood and didn’t waste anytime enjoying the beautiful day.

The Mr. and Mrs. Smith couple each toted one of the twins, Vivienne and Knox, 2, while Shiloh, 4, Zahara, 6, Pax, 7, and Maddox, 9, (am I done yet?) all strolled through the French Quarter on Sunday to Louisiana’s staple VertiMarte Deli.

 A source told PEOPLE, “They came in and got some juice and chips and stuff like that for the kids, they don’t get a lot of pop for the kids. They like to get the whole family out and walk around on a pretty day like today.”  Well, aren’t they just perfect!

Pitt is said to be quite a fan of the deli, in between breaks the actor has been known to order the odd club or po-boy sandwich (also known as ‘poor boy’ sandwich…not really sure what that entails, but I do know that Brad and I share an obsession for a good sammy!).

Local residents have had nothing but kind words to say about the actor; the hotel valet Earl Jackson told PEOPLE, “He’s a pretty cool cat, he came up to a group of us and said, ‘what’s up, guys?”  How…charming?

Is everyone considered a ‘cool cat’ in New Orleans, or just because you’re Brad Pitt?

 No word on how long the family will be reunited for as Jolie is due to promote the DVD release of her and Johnny Depp’s hit movie,”The Tourist” on March 22nd.  In the meantime, the family is residing in the home they own in the French Quarter while Pitt will continue filming for the next several weeks.

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  1. MAMAWABBIT says:

    Do you really believe that BS. Are talking about Angelina or Jennifer Aniston and work done. When did you see Angelina being obsessed with her look. When she is raising 6 kids or traveling the Globe to refugees’camps or training intentsively for a movie?? She even do not go around all dolled up like some, she even does not care what the will say about dressing up or make up. She has much more better things to do .The physical appearance and obsession with it -leave for Brad’s ex. She is ALL about it 24/7. ANother lie lie lie about Angie. Sometimes if one of your kids is sick or did not sleep and you don’ get the usual rest either, so guess what? in the morning you look TIRED. That is people who scrutinize her. She got tired of course because she is doing a thousands things at the same time and the last thing she pays attention to is her health, rest or appearance. Haven’t you get it yet what this incredible woman is all about or you just hate, hate,hate because you are simply Team Jennifer and do not have any brains to think clearly who is doing what and why.

  2. MAMAWABBIT says:

    And of course here the article is by some I really believe ugly woman/tabloid writer who cannot even compare to the intelligence, compassion, unselfishness and the big heart Angelina has. She is in the movies because she loves the craft not like Aniston because she likes the money and the spot light. But your miserable attempt to be noticed by “sensational” report for Angie’s “freaking” out “fading” beauty is so pathetic. Shame on you earning money by trashing good people whom you could never be.