Brad Womack Chooses His Bride – The Bachelor Finale Recap 03/14/11


And then there were two!   Emily Maynard and Chantal O’Brien are the final two ladies.   Tonight’s the night all of The Bachelor fans have been waiting for!  Rosie from Fit Fab Celeb take it away!

Who will The Bachelor’s Brad Womack choose? Who will be left standing at the alter?   Brad’s family arrive in South Africa to meet the two hopefuls and Brad is so filled with emotion that he shows his sensitive side and starts to cry. He tells his family that he is feeling this way because he has fallen in love. His brother, Chad, asks him if he considers proposing and he says 100% absolutely yes.

Brad’s mother is apprehensive about meeting the girls because of how much he was hurt the last time.

First girl up, is Chantal. She starts off by telling his family where she fell in love with him. Chad is impressed when Chantal tells him that she would marry Brad on the spot. Chad’s mom puts Chantal on the spot and asks her how she can fall in love so fast and Chantal gives the credit to being previously married, being able to recognize the feelings. Brad’s family embraces Chantal, they find her warm, loving and precious.

From the first moment Emily Maynard stepped out of that limo, Brad and Fit Fab alike have fallen head-over-heels for the sweet Southern girl with a heart of gold. Emily arrives to meet the family and she is really nervous. Brad starts off by explaining to his family that she has a five year old daughter, his families jaws drop! Emily tells them the story of the loss of her daughter’s father. Brad’s brothers Wes & Chad are really taken with Emily. Brad tells them that he gets the warmest feeling from the thought of being a father to Emily’s daughter, Ricky. Brad’s mom is really impressed that Emily let him meet Ricky and she is reduced to tears when Emily tells her that Brad is her angel.

Brad sits down with his family to discuss the ladies. His family recognizes that both women live completely different lives and are obviously more connected to Emily. Chad calls Emily poised and disagrees with Brad when he calls her shy. Brad’s mom chooses Emily, as well, so does the rest of the family.

 Brad goes on his final date with Chantal, they go scuba diving with sharks. She agrees to go, but tells him that after all this, he better put a ring on her finger!   When Brad looks at Chantal, he sees a life full of excitement. Is it enough?

Back in their room, Chantal gives Brad a map of the world and colors all the special places they have visited, along with a sappy poem. You can feel the tension off Brad, he is clearly not in love with her, like she is with him.

Brad starts his final date with Emily and he starts feeling the pressure because his family feels that she is the one. Brad tells her that every time he is away from her, he misses her. He goes on to tell her that he wants the chance to be Ricky’s father and show them how much he loves the two of them. Emily asks him what he means? He tells her unconditional love, a disciplinary, all the bad and the good, he is ready. Brad wonders why she is putting him on the spot and she makes it clear that she wants no surprises because becoming a parent is not always fun. Brad tells her that he’s in it and actually gets offended by her questions. Brad walks away from the date defeated.

It’s the final day, Brad admits to himself that he has never been this emotionally invested in his life. Neil Lane, celebrity jeweler, drops by to see Brad with a briefcase full of engagement rings for him to choose from for his intended.

Chantal is the first one out of the limo. Brad gives her a hug, gives her compliments and then he lets her down. He tells her that he has stronger feelings for someone else.  Chantal is clearly heart broken and filled with rejection. (Is she going to slap him again?) Chantal backs out gracefully and calls Brad an amazing person.

Brad chooses the fairy tale ending, he wants to spend the rest of his life with Emily.

Emily is anxious and nervous, admits she has fallen in love with Brad.   Brad catches his breath and pours his heart out to her.   He tells her that she is her once in a lifetime and asks her to let him be her forever.   Brad gets down on one knee and asks Emily to marry him, she says YES.