Brooke Mueller & Charlie Sheen Reconciling?

Brooke Mueller & Charlie Sheen Reconciling?

If there’s ever been a match made in crackie heaven, then this would be it. Charlie Sheen and his babies’ mother, Brooke Mueller, are actually thinking about a reconciliation.

Brooke has been telling her friends that they’ve been hanging out again, with the possibility of getting back together. I guess that would explain why Charlie hasn’t tried to nail her to the wall with the drug thing? She was recently spotted with what appeared to be a crack pipe, but that’s seemingly alright, considering that neither of them are bound to taking drug tests as a condition of their custody agreement.


Brooke says that she and Charlie have a lot in common and they have fun when they’re together. TMZ reports:

Brooke is saying, forget all the drama — she has a good time with C.S. and they have a lot in common, including twins. But Brooke acknowledges if they take it to the next level there are perils, given the toxic relationship they terminated with divorce.

Brooke was vague about what she does when she’s with Charlie, but she made it clear — the door is open, if only partially.

Should they give it another try? Or is their relationship completely toxic? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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