Brooke Mueller Seeks Mexican Cure For Her Addictions

Brooke Mueller Seeks Mexican Cure For Her Addictions

Charlie Sheen‘s estranged wife, Brooke Mueller is entering a rehab centre in Mexico in her latest bid to stop taking drugs.  Mueller has been to rehab countless times without success so she obviously does not have an easy time dealing with life without taking drugs.

This time Mueller is heading to a treatment facility in Cancun for an intensive seven-day stint in a desperate effort to finally overcome her addictions.

The 33 year old Mueller has been an addict since she was a teenager and completed her last stay in rehabilitation this May.  What sort of rehabilitation can occur in 7 days? None! It takes at least that long just to dry out and start to get sober. This 7 day emergency Cancun deal sounds more like a desperate intervention by others than a serious attempt by Mueller to change her life.

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  • Politico Pablo

    She should work on her tan and then go to CoCo Bongo instead. This sounds like one of those clinic for gringo’s with too much money.