But Twitter Said So! Has Beyoncé Knowles Given Birth To Music Royalty?

But Twitter Said So! Has Beyoncé Knowles Given Birth To Music Royalty?

Don’t believe everything Twitter tells you. This advice coming after a day of reports that Beyoncé Knowles gave birth! The popular social media site started blowing up this morning with reports that Bey had delivered a healthy baby girl at New York City’s St Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital. The Twitter sphere even tossed the name Tiana May Carter into the void, and it stuck.  Hmm…wasn’t Tiana the name of the most recent, and first African-American, Disney Princess?

I digress. As we learned from the Bon Jovi death debacle last week, rumours spread fast on the social networking site and are quickly assumed to be true, most likely due to the fact that no one can trace the source. Even the Daily Mirror and The Today Show picked up the story, later changing the status to “unconfirmed”.

On Dec 27th, St Luke’s staff blabbed to the media that their VIP Birthing Suite was being prepared for a “high profile person” and of course, everyone assumed that it was the very pregnant singer. But since Beyoncé isn’t due until February, it is likely just wishful thinking.

The 30-year-old’s entire pregnancy has been surrounded by speculation. After weeks of baby bump spotting, Beyonce officially announced that she was pregnant at the MTV Music Awards in August. Following a spike in her album sales, an appearance on the Australian television show, Sunday Night, sparked rumours that the “Single Ladies” singer was faking her pregnancy with a prosthetic stomach after her shape wear wrinkled under her dress. Now, as she continues to grow, the focus has shifted to when, where, and how she will deliver. It must be exhausting for her.  If I were Beyonce, I would get all Sasha Fierce on their ass.

Beyoncé’s rep had no immediate comment on the reports.

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