Capri Anderson Signs Contract With Vivid – Is A Charlie Sheen Sex Tape On The Way?


Capri Anderson, who scandalized everyone as Charlie Sheen’s call-girl companion in a much talked about incident at The Plaza Hotel in New York City last year, has signed on as Vivid Entertainment’s newest contract star.  Vivid deals in pornography so Capri should be a perfect fit with her experience as an escort.
Of course Vivid attempts to make Capri into something more than a prostitute in the following ridiculous blurb:

“Capri is exceptional in so many ways, and we think she can fully develop her potential as a Vivid Girl,” said Vivid founder/co-chairman Steven Hirsch.  “Actually, we had cut back on our contract actresses program recently, but Capri is so exciting that we decided to reopen it just for her.”  
The 22-year-old dark blonde, 5′ 6″ beauty with pouty lips and smoky green eyes was born in Van Nuys, though she has spent most of her life in New York and Florida. She recalls a fun-filled childhood with a focus on dancing but enough concentration on studying to get her into the National Honor Society.

While a college student in Miami, she made a sex tape with her boyfriend and sold it to a website to make money. We thought that a few people in our neighborhood might wind up seeing that tape, but it turned out it was most of Dade County. I totally blew my cover,” said Capri, “but it was my introduction to adult entertainment and I can honestly say that it changed my perception of myself.  It’s helped me become a woman and given me newfound confidence.  Becoming a Vivid Girl is a very exciting giant step for me.  It means I’ll be surrounded by top professionals who will bring out the best in me.

Capri was all over of the web, the leading TV talk shows and the hottest gossip and entertainment outlets in the country after she spent one evening with Sheen last November.  What apparently started as a dinner date with Sheen turned into a nightmare when she reportedly had to lock herself in Sheen’s hotel room for protection after Charlie, coked out of his mind, accused her of robbing him.
Capri said she’s definitely the romantic type and loves to be affectionate with guys she cares about. “Of course a sense of humor in a man is paramount because I love to laugh and have a good time.  He also needs to be independent, intelligent and have a strong sense of romance.”  She forget to mention that he needs a FAT WALLET as well.
Can we expect the ‘When Charlie Met Capri’ sex tape soon