CDL Exclusive: Interview With Graffiti6

CDL Exclusive: Interview With Graffiti6

Last week Celeb Dirty Laundry was fortunate enough to interview British rockers Graffiti6.   Graffiti6 were formed in 2008 around the talents of singer-songwriter Jamie Scott and DJ, writer and producer Tommy D.  Their full length debut album is being released in early 2012 and will be titled, Colours.   Although this is their debut album fans know their sound from  ‘Stare Into The Sun,Stone In My Heart,’ and ‘Annie You Save Me’ for more than a year.

Graffiti6 will release their “Free” EP on Oct. 11th.  The “Free” EP is a seven-track set which includes both the radio and stripped down version of the title track along with stripped versions of “Lay Me Down,” “Annie You Save Me” and “Stone In My Heart.”  The EP is rounded out with the band’s cover of Fleet Foxes “Blue Ridge Mountains” and a brand new song “Foxes.”

In our interview Graffiti6 spoke about the origin of their name, their sound and more.

Where did the name Graffiti6 come from?
It was a game Tommy and I played in the Studio. Where we would open a book, close our eyes and point at random words and put the 2 together. We had others like Suitcase Announced, Felix Beast but Graffiti6 stuck!

How would you describe the sound of Graffiti6?
It’s hard for me to describe, but I once read someone describe it as ‘ psychedelic northern soul folk’

What makes the collaboration with Tommy D and Jamie Scott work?
I think the main thing is, that we haven’t over thought anything. We didn’t go into the studio with a plan. We just wrote and played music together. And a few months later had a finished album that we thought people might like to hear.

Tell us about signing with Capitol Records in the US? How does it feel putting out your music on a label versus on your own?
I really liked being on our own label at the start because we had complete control of the record and what went on it. Once that was done, Capitol were the ideal label to sign with as our A&R guy got that the album was finished body of work. Plus everyone at Capitol has been great to us!

Do you plan on touring in the USA?
Yes we plan to be on tour before the end of the year in the US

You have had your songs featured in several popular television shows incl. MTV’s Teen Wolf, VH1’s Basketball Wives, One Tree Hill etc. How did that come about?
MTV and VH1 have been really supportive from the start, We played a show in October in New York at the Rockwood Music Hall and a couple of people from MTV and VH1 were at the show and it all started from there!

What is a topic that you enjoy writing about?
I always write about things that have happened to me or I can immediately relate to.

Tell us about your debut album Colours? What can fans expect from it and when can we expect to see it?
It’s being released by Capitol early next year. I’m really proud of ‘Colours’, it’s theme is mostly about Love and being strong enough to dust yourself off and get on with your life and new love. I hope people can take away that positive message from listening to it.

We recently interviewed NY celebrity DJ Keo Nozari and he mentioned Graffiti6 as one of his favorite new groups.  What do you think about that?
It always nice when fellow musicians are complementary about your music. So yeah I feel good about it!

Any last words for your fans?
Hello and thanks for the support, hope to see you all soon!