Celebs’ Plastic Surgery Has Passed The Critical Point – They Now Look Freaky

Celebs' Plastic Surgery Has Passed The Critical Point - They Now Look Freaky

Meg Ryan’s trout lips, Kim Kardashian’s pillow face, and Daryl Hannah’s bat brows are prime examples of how over-injected plastic surgery has gone overboard.  These celebs – and others – need a cosmetic surgery intervention.

“They look like aliens or monkeys,” said dermatologist Dr. Kenneth Beer. “The cheekbones go from being sculpted to just a mash of product.”

The newest edition of trade magazine New Beauty, where Dr. Beer is an advisory-board member, details exactly what went wrong — too much filler such as Restylane, too little Botox, or too much of both.

But why do celebrities get such terrible jobs done if they have money and access to the best doctors around?  “Celebrities aren’t frequently happy with subtle changes,” Dr. Beer explains. “They don’t want to be tweaked, they want a major renovation.  Some doctors are intimidated, and they’ll do it against their better judgment.”

The fact is that cosmetic surgery is, for the most part, designed and best implemented as a series of gradual changes over time – big sudden changes carry big risks of things going wrong and results being weird looking.

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    Susan Sarandon had one, but after the bloating subsided it looked good.