Charlie Sheen’s Ex-Wives Cancel Play Date As Brooke Mueller Goes On Crack Binge

Charlie Sheen's Ex-Wives Cancel Play Date As Brooke Mueller Goes On Crack Binge

Brooke Mueller and Denise Richards have become friends, talk frequently, and are planning play dates for their kids.  How nice.   Denise and Brooke actually had plans to get together with their kids last week, before Brooke decided to relapse and go on a crack binge instead which ended with the mother-of-two back in rehab.

An insider reveals: “Brooke and Denise talk quite frequently.  It was Denise’s idea to get together for dinner with Brooke with their children.  Denise’s children with Charlie, Sam and Lola, have spent time in the past with their half-siblings, Bob and Max.  Denise wants all the children to hang out together.”

The reunion will have to be put on hold as Brooke is currently in her outpatient rehab program all day and spends her evenings at her home with Bob and Max… and a ‘sober living companion’ to watch over her.

“Denise has reached out to Brooke since her relapse to offer her support.  Denise wants to have the girls spend time with their brothers, when she is assured that Brooke is sober, and wants it be a fun outing for everyone, with no drama.  It’s about the kids forming a bond, and nothing else,” the source says.

Brooke shares custody of her two-year-old sons with Sheen, whereas Denise has full custody of Sam and Lola, and Charlie can only see the girls when Denise approves it.  “Denise is fiercely protective of the girls and will not permit them to be in any environment that has the possibility of causing any emotional harm to them,” The source says.

“Denise makes a mama bear that is protective of her cubs look like a wimp.  Let’s face it, Denise has very good reasons to feel the way she does.  Denise went through hell with Charlie and she won’t let that happen to her girls, period.”  And the actress turned reality star wasn’t surprised that the judge let Brooke keep custody of the boys, the source adds.  “Denise knows only too well that Charlie isn’t stable enough to have custody.”

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