Chaz Bono Collapses As His Weight Soars To 271 Pounds! (Photo)

National Enquirer: Chaz Bono Collapses!

The current issue of National Enquirer features the cover story ‘271 LB Chaz Collapses.’    Chaz Bono has collapsed and his friends raced to save the 271 pound man. This exclusive story is available now in the National Enquirer.  If Chaz is taking steroid-hormone therapy to enhance his male characteristics then a collapse is entirely possible – especially since Cher’s son was a guest performer on the grand finale of Dancing With The Stars last night.

Although Chaz looked great and powerful last night, the strain and exertion from the intense dancing combined with his hefty overweight physique could have brought on the collapse. Chaz looked like he had put on weight and appeared bigger than ever last night. Steroids used to enhance male characteristics have the side effects of weight gain and cardiac strain. These drugs are the same ones used by bodybuilders and other athletes – often with tragic results!

We are not saying that Chaz is taking steroids but he does display characteristic facial hair growth and a muscular heft that is atypical for a woman – so it is not a stretch to imagine that he is taking anabolic/androgenic steroid/hormone treatments.

The issue also features: Shockers regarding the Kim KardashianKris Humphries divorce – and why it happened. Amazing news that Ricki Lake is pregnant at 42 – and kept this secret during her DWTS run. And more info on the Robert Wagner cover up of Natalie Wood‘s death.

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