Chris Brown Denied Entry Into The U.K. – Pulls Out Of Michael Jackson Tribute Concert!

Chris Brown Denied Entry Into The U.K. - Pulls Out Of Michael Jackson Tribute!

Chris Brown has been forced to pull himself out of Saturday’s Michael Jackson tribute concert in the U.K. because he was denied entry!

Why, oh why, would such an upstanding citizen in these great states not get the opportunity to show the world how much he loved the King of Pop? As it turns out, there are consequences to your actions!

Other places don’t just smack your hands when you beat someone unconscious. Nope, they ban you for your crimes. So it doesn’t matter if you’re trying to pay tribute to Michael Jackson or anyone else. They don’t care — they don’t want him!

He was set to honor Michael with a performance at the Michael Forever concert in Wales, tomorrow, but was denied a work visa because of his criminal record. That boils down to his 2009 conviction for his assault on Rihanna.

What do you think of them banning him from entering, thus keeping him from honoring his idol? Fair or unfair? Also, should they have him perform as a hologram?

Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think!

  • This Tribute concert started off on the wrong foot with a very convoluted ticket pricing. This is another Tribute that’s taking a shot at capitalizing on Michael Jackson’ s death without any shame. The trial is still going on, and as a diehard fan I’d say Justice before profits. What’s the matter with the Jackson Family? They have become a runaway train, how can we trust them at this point? Joe Jackson has recently teamed up with a professional crook Julian Rouas to exploit Michael’ s image with a new line of cheesy perfumes. To make matters worse, they have manipulated Michael Jackson’ s kids (Paris and Prince)to pose with the controversial fragrances.

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