Christina Aguilera Blasts Lady Gaga!

Christina Aguilera Blasts Lady Gaga!

This isn’t the first time that Christina Aguilera has lashed out at Lady Gaga. Back in 2008, Christina slammed her saying that she wasn’t sure if Gaga was a man or a woman. Now, she’s taking aim at the pop singer again!

During a recent taping of Christina’s show, The Voice, she began bragging about how she’s way more entertaining than Lady Gaga.

An insider said, “Christina told a contestant she was ten times better than Gaga, said her rival was annoying – and expressed her amazement that Gaga ever got famous. It caused quite a scene, and producers insisted on reshooting the segment.”

Another snitch on the set said that she’s “a bitter person with an ax to grind about everything.”

The source went on to say, “She’s like a bitter old woman trapped in a 30-year-old’s body!”

Oh snap! Christina, why must you talk smack? Is it because you’re working on a television show instead of being out there singing? Please tell us, because we’d really love to know!

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  • kj

    You are a moron for believing this. This is such crap. I was there for the taping of the first two episodes that were aired she was exactly as she appeared when it aired. Everyone was having a great time and there was no catty, diva behavior, and she definitely didn’t diss Lady Gaga. In fact, when one of the contestants performed a Gaga song, Christina complimented both her and Gaga for their uniqueness. The fact that you are accepting this garbage with blind faith and perpetuating it as truth is what’s really unfortunate.

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  • 100% Fake and has been proven fake! it was a made up story.

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    She actually speaks a whole lot of truth here. There is nothing talented about Lady Gaga, her ridiculous look and distracting people from seeing the truth.

    • Guest

      Are you kidding? Gaga is definitely talented no matter how ridiculous she looks.

  • Ike4nsync

    Christina has always felt she is superior to everyone. She’s rude & obnoxious. That’s why she has so few fans left. She can’t work with anyone and get along.

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  • Hollie Coil


  • Hollie Coil


  • Tragikviolet

    She is right. I think Lady Gaga is that emo Lambert guy with a wig.