Christina Aguilera Hits Rock Bottom

Christina Aguilera Hits Rock Bottom

Star magazine wants us all to believe that Christina Aguilera has hit rock bottom!

After she was busted for public intoxication, it was said that her friends had been trying to get her to check into rehab for the longest time. Now, we’re hearing reports that she has a painful secret that has drove her back to alcohol and shoving food in her face at a rapid pace.

Yes, we know, Christina likes to toss back a few alcoholic beverages, but it’s not like she’s stumbling out of a bar every 20 seconds, right?

Of course, they totally HAD to use an unflattering picture of her with the weight gain caption. It’s not surprising at all, really. We hope that she doesn’t have any serious issues with alcohol and that she gets the help that she needs if all of the rumors are true.

At least it wasn’t her getting the DUI, right???