Confirmed: Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries Headed For A Split!

Confirmed: Kim Kardashian & Kris Humphries Headed For A Split!

The October 24th issue of Life & Style claims they have confirmation from Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries‘ friends and family that they are headed for a split.  This is not the first time rumors have surfaced that there is trouble in paradise.  Last week’s Life & Style cover was also claiming that the marriage was over and Kim was proclaiming ‘What have I done?’  They claimed to have an exclusive interview saying that Kim realizes her marriage is a mistake and wants a break from Kris.

Well they have upped their claims this week and are reporting that Kim’s wedding ring is off, she caught Kris with a blond at 5AM and they are having screaming matches.   Of course the Kardashian’s are scrambling to protect their money from Kris.  Do I believe this? Yes!  I’m still a firm believer in my theory that their entire relationship was orchestrated by the Kardashians in order to milk E! for all the money they could generate from the show.  I can just see it now the Kim Kardashian reality show, coping with divorce.  LOL!

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What about you, do you think this is just another step in Kim’s quest to be relevant or is this just Life & Style trying to sell more magazines?  If you need to find out more details, pick up the current issue of the magazine!

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  • Loulil1988

    This would be funny if it were true….but I suspect it wouldn’t have been Kris cheating.  Kim has the history of bouncing from man to man…,The Kardashian’s have to cover their butts in the event of a split…why not blame him! Dumb family!

  • Sur3333

    If this is true,  I am in-raged to think that this wedding was a complete publicity stunt for
    the family to make MILLIONS AND MILLIONS off
    the American Public !!!!!!
    This will back-fire on the family ,  and it will hit
    them in the pocket book from now on,  because 
    we are all mad as hell,   and we are NOT going
    to take it ANYMORE !!!!   

  • Me

    If its true, its not Kris who was cheating. He’s getting along great with the Kardashians. He even went out with Kourtney, Khloe and Mason last week while Kim was screwing around in Dubai. I’d suspect that she was fucking some guy over there, or something similar. She’s always been a $2 trashbag whore, and probably still is.

  • Laura Marie

    She wore her ring while in Dhubai…I doubt she’s not wearing it now! I don’t believe anything in this article at all…it’s absolutely ridiculous!!!! No one has heard a confirmation from Kim herself yet…how DARE these magazines write about something that hasn’t yet been confirmed by the celebrity herself? Think twice before you write, magazine writers!!!!

  • NoMoreTrashTV

    Well gee, I thought they would last at least 1 tv season. What a bunch of rubbish that show is.

  • Kondusebeb

    Kris is better look for wife coz, hehasnt married yet…