Crystal Harris Speaks Out — Why She Left Hef

Crystal Harris Speaks Out -- Why She Left Hef

And now for Crystal Harris’s side of the story, which I assure you will cause those little fuzzy eyebrows of yours to perk up in shapes of confusion and skepticism. This morning, after ending her wedding with entertainment/media mogul Hugh Hefner, Crystal called in to Ryan Seacrest’s radio show to have a little chat and dispel some of the rumors surrounding this unique situation.

Crystal revealed to Ryan that it just didn’t feel like “the right thing to do” and that she’d been “having seconds thoughts” about marrying Hef for a while now — and, despite his very unique “lifestyle,” tried to disregard her uneasy feelings. However, as the wedding day approached, Crystal revealed that her reservations had grown and that she’d finally reached a boiling point. She figured it would be best to sit down and relay her concerns to Hef. The two had a cordial conversation and eventually reached a “mutual” decision to call off the wedding.

Crystal explained further:

“We both agreed that it’s not in the cards for us. We had a long talk about it. I feel happy and at peace that everything will be ok, and I respect him more than anything, and we’re still going to be really close.”

Not as exciting as you imagined this playing out? Wish you could have been there yourself? Well, you might get your chance. E! will be airing (you didn’t think they’d miss this money boat, did you?)  a special show where we’ll be able to watch this tumultuous moment unfold.

Crystal added that “Hef is doing okay,” despite her decision to move out of the mansion for a little while. While spending some time away from the realms of Playboy, Crystal said she will be focusing on her music career. Of course she will! With a debut album right around the corner, what an opportune time to be at the center of a highly-covered Hollywood feud/mini-scandal!

[This is where those eyebrows of yours should be raised. . .]

Can anyone yell, “Publiiiiiiiccity Stuuunt!”

While she denied the rumors that there’s another man, she did say “I have many friends in the music industry.” AKA you like to kiss Jordan McGraw (Dr. Phil’s songwriting son) all day.

Oh, Hollywood. [sighs, cries, laughs, *ugh*]

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