Damning Secrets In Lindsay Lohan’s Probation Report Could lead To A Year In Jail

Damning Secrets In Lindsay Lohan's Probation Report Could lead To A Year In Jail

Apparently the Los Angeles County Probation Department report on Lindsay Lohan contains something really damaging to the star that surprisingly still remains top secret. In Lindsay’s recent legal hassles it seems that the media somehow become aware of all pertinent information before it is made public – but this is different.

Sources familiar with the probation report claim that the report, which was drafted post Lindsay’s heist of the necklace in January, contains something “shocking” and “devastating.” The info has yet to be made public and the sources refused to give up the details but said that any judge who uses it to determine sentencing would probably throw the book at Lindsay.

All of this will be irrelevant if Lindsay accepts Judge Keith Schwartz’ proposed sentence in a plea agreement – which is rumored to be 3 months in jail. However if Lindsay decides to fight the charge, the trial judge, Judge Stephanie Sautner, would use the report to determine sentencing if she decides Lindsay violated her probation – and Lindsay faces more than a year in jail for the probation violation.

And even worse for Lindsay is that if she is convicted of felony grand theft, the judge in that case would also consider the mysterious probation report which would probably increase her punishment. The maximum sentence Lindsay could get for felony grand theft is 1 year in state prison.

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