Dancing With the Stars Season 12 – Week Two Recap

Dancing With the Stars Season 12 – Week Two Recap

In last week’s high octane season premiere our stars went wild; some graced the floor with elegance and others not so much.  Tonight they are all back to dance one more time before tonight’s first elimination. 

Sugar Ray Leonard and Professional Dance Partner, Anna Trebunskaya dancing the Jive.   Len, He said he had to make the most of tonight because tomorrow someone is going home and he things Sugar Ray is in jeopardy.   Bruno, It was definitely sweet and pleasant it was too soft around the edges.  Carrie Ann She said he was so entertaining but as a dance it was not so good, not as sharp as it could be.  Scores: Carrie Ann,  6  Len, 5   Bruno, 6    Total = 17.   Giving him a total of 34 for both nights.

Kendra Wilkinson and Professional Dance Parter,  Louis Van Amstel dancing the Quick StepLen, Said her posture was a bit hit and miss and occasionally her chesticle pushed into Louis but overall he thought she did an excellent job.   Bruno, said it is tough being a lady she tried her best but she messed up her footwork.  Carrie Ann  said she is good at learning the choreography, there was elegance.   Scores: Carrie Ann, 7   Len, 6    Bruno, 6   Total =19. Giving her a total of 37 for both nights.

Chelsea Kane and Professional Dancer, Mark Ballas dancing the JiveLen, said if he was at home he would say it was fun and entertaining – not enough jive.   Bruno, said he actually liked the weird and wonderful side of it.  There was some jive but it could have been sharper.  Carrie Ann, said she loved chorography like that but does not think this was the time or place for it – because there was so little jive in it. Scores: Carrie Ann, 6  Len, 5  Bruno, 7   Total = 18.  Giving her a total of 36 for both nights.

Chris Jericho and Professional Dance Partner, Cheryl Burke dancing the Quick Step.   Len,  Said he takes his hat off to him – he said his expectation was low but he bright, breezy and did a great job!   Bruno,   said he has been transformed from a beast to a gazelle.  He was sensational.  Carrie Ann,  said it was amazing she loved it.   Scores: Carrie Ann, 8 Len, 7 Bruno, 9   Total = 23.  Giving him a total of 42 for both nights.

Petra Nemcova and Professional Dancer, Dmitry Chaplin dancing the JiveLen,  she is fatal combination, log legs, short skirts and poor technique.  Bruno,  said OMG this girl went from uptown girl to floozy.  She has to work on her core strength Carrie Ann, she said she is so stunning and her legs are good but it difficult with long legs like hers. Scores: Carrie Ann, 6  Len, 6  Bruno, 6   Total = 18.  Giving her a total of 36 for both nights.

Kirstie Alley and Professional Dance Partner, Maks Chmerkovskiy dancing the Quick StepLen,  said she lost energy during the end, it was good but not great.  Bruno,  says she has talent and she started beautiful but once she made a foot mistake she lost some energy.  Carrie Ann, she said she is so in her element she loves watching her dance. It was fabulous!  Scores: Carrie Ann, 7 Len, 6 Bruno, 7   Total = 23.  Total = 20.  Giving her a total of 43 for both nights.

Mike Catherwood and Professional Dance Partner, Lacey Schwimmer dancing the JiveLen,  said he had good news it was better than last week but don’t get excited but he was smiling the whole way through the routine.  Bruno,  said some moments were very, very good.  Carrie Ann, says he has to think as the whole thing as a whole routine.   Scores: Carrie Ann, 6 Len, 5 Bruno, 6   Total = 17.  Giving him a total of 30 for both nights.

Romeo and Professional Dancer, Chelsie Hightower dancing the Quick Step.  Len, says that was the best dance of the night he liked it he thought he was great.  Bruno, says he is the one to watch.  He says he has everything it takes to make a wonderful dancer.  Carrie Ann, says she agrees with Bruno but she wants to see better posture.  Scores: Carrie Ann, 7  Len, 8  Bruno, 8   Total = 23.  Giving him a total of 42 for both nights.

Wendy Williams and Professional Dancer, Tony Dovolani dancing the Quick Step.  Len,  said it was a little economical throught out the dance but it was better  Bruno, said he was glad to see her, it needs a little more movement but it is a step in the right direction.  Carrie Ann, said that is what she wanted to see she overcome her fear.  It was a little dull but it bounced back.  Scores: Carrie Ann, 6  Len, 5 Bruno, 6   Total = 17.  Giving her a total of 31 for both nights.

Ralph Macchio and Professional Dance Partner,  Karina Smirnoff dancing the Jive.  Len,  says it was okay but thnks he overdid it a bit.  He attacked it a bit much.  But he liked it.  Bruno,  says he has a huge likeable factor.  Some times his kicks were not as sharp as they could be.   Carrie Ann,  says he dances very well.  He has to be sharper.  She says he is so much fun to watch.   Scores: Carrie Ann, 7 Len, 7  Bruno, 7   Total = 21.  Giving him a total of 45 for both nights.

Hines Ward and Professional Dancer, Kym Johnson dancing the Quick Step.  Len,  says his frame was terrific and he was very impressed.  Bruno, Said the smooth time dancer – he ease and confidence.  Carrie Ann,  He is twinkle toes that was amazing, his posture and technique.   Scores: Carrie Ann, 8  Len, 7  Bruno, 8   Total = 23.  Giving him a total of 44 for both nights.

Come back tomorrow to see who gets sent home.  One of the eleven stars will be the first to be eliminated.   Chris Brown will be performing on Dancing With The Stars results show.

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