EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Michael Lohan Talks about Dina, Lindsay’s Enablers & Why She Won’t Plea Bargain

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Michael Lohan Talks about Dina, Lindsay's Enablers & Why She Won't Plea Bargain

They say that you can’t believe everything you read and in my opinion that statement applies 100% to the general trashing that Michael Lohan gets in the popular media.  Michael and I spoke today and he made it believably clear to me that he is a father with his daughter’s best interests at heart – a man who is unafraid to lay the blame for Lindsay’s problems largely on the schism between Dina and himself.  Michael also suggested that his other children also are having difficulty dealing with the split and could face problems themselves.  Michael explained how his expulsion from the family unit at Dina’s behest during the typically volatile years of Lindsay’s later adolescence as well as Dina’s continued bad mouthing and parental alienation of him is the root cause of Lindsay’s problems. 
Michael elaborated on how it so important during the teen years for children to be part of a strong loving family so that they do not become emotionally weak and develop emotional cracks and rifts.  Through Michael’s ongoing work with the Inspirations Treatment Center he has learned and witnessed first hand how young people try to fill these emotional cracks with bad influences like drugs, booze, promiscuity or even crime.
Dina has her own selfish interests placed well ahead of Lindsay’s according to Michael.  Despite Michael’s numerous attempts to reconcile for the sake of Lindsay and the family he has been stymied by Dina even though he has acceded to all of her demands.  Michael made it super clear that his interests are well in order – namely, God, Family, and only then, himself – he says that while HE would never try to make money or profit form his relationship with his Lindsay, the same could not be said about Dina or a couple of other of her ‘advisors’ – namely Lou Taylor and Larry Rudolph the same people that surround Britney Spears now during her conservatorship – these people he claims are nothing but manipulative panderers and a clear and present danger to Lindsay’s well being and recovery.
In summary Michael was clear about what he explained as the two areas that fuel Lindsay’s difficulties: 1) the divorce from Dina and his subsequent parental alienation and 2) Lindsay being surrounded by people who are in effect using her for their own self interest.
On the topic of what will happen at Lindsay’s court appearance today Michael said that he expects that she will not cop a plea at this time – prefering to postpone – since that would mean several months in jail.  Michael was clear that he did not think jail was the best place for his recovering daughter to spend time.
I asked Michael what he thought about Lindsay’s renewed relationship with Sam Ronson and he was very clear – he had NO COMMENT – he said “Sam is Lindsay’s friend and I have no comment.”  When I asked him if he thought Sam might be a bad influence on Lindsay he again was clear: “no comment.”
As far as Lindsay’s serious felony charge of grand theft over the necklace that left the Venice jewelery store with her, Michael said there is no way Lindsay stole it.  Michael agreed that there was an implicit understanding that Lindsay wear the necklace for a while and that this type of arrangement is typical of Lindsay’s interactions.  Michael added that the necklace was probably worth only about $500 and that Lindsay has necklaces at home that she owns worth between $25,000 and $50,000.  We agreed it made no sense that a girl who was doing as well as Lindsay is to avoid trouble and stay clean would jeopardize her recovery and stoop to steal a mere trinket.

Transcript of the fill interview below:

CDL: How do you feel about your images as portrayed in the media?

Michael: Frankly, I don’t care what my image is as portrayed in the media – what I care about is what I look in God’s eyes not man’s eyes.  I know what’s in my heart I know its upright I know its righteous I know I am just standing there for my daughter.  I don’t want anything from her and I just want peace and harmony among my family and I just don’t seem to be able to get that from my ex-wife and if it wasn’t for that I don’t think Lindsay would not be in the position she is in now.

CDL: So clearly you think your ex-wife Dina is more of an enabler?

Michael: She is not only an enabler but she is the crux of this whole situation if she did not create the whole situation of parental alienation between not only Lindsay and my other children this would not be going on.  It tears children apart and they fill that gap in their heart, breaks their heart and they fill it with the wrong things.  That is exactly what I am doing with Inspiration Teen Program Rehab down in Florida.  I am dealing with families who have children who have broken hearts and cracks that they fill because the things the parents create in their lives.

CDL: What are your comments on the events unfolding today regarding the court appearance?

Michael: I certainly don’t want to see my daughter going to jail and Judge Schwartz made it very clear that if she does plead guilty that she will be getting jail time.  I am adamant about my daughter filing charges because we do have evidence to show that Lindsay doesn’t take jewellery without their being a reason.  She does not need that not in her life.  Listen it was a $2,500 necklace a price that they put on it.  What is the value of that necklace?  Probably about $500.  Lindsay would not walk away with a $500 or a $2,500 necklace when she has necklaces that cost $25,000 – $50,000.

CDL: What do you want to say?

Michael: People, places and things in a person’s are very invariant as to their well-being and the course they take or the path they take in their life.  Lindsay is strong and pure.  The team that surrounds her are Lou Taylor, Larry Rudolph and some other people who don’t need to be in her life.  They are the same people that are in Britney Spears’ life and they have done nothing but hurt Britney, not help her.  They are trying to do the same to Lindsay.  They are trying to control Lindsay and make money off of her.

I am sorry that that my wife Dina would be part of that group.  If the family dynamics is the most important factor in a child’s life especially when here trouble comes from that same family problems

I truly believe that if Dina puts all her differences aside and I don’t know what those differences are I am still trying to figure it out until this day because when it is money I give her money then it is something else.  Until that dynamic is fixed nothing is going to get better.

Not only have I learnt that but I know that in working with Inspiration Teen Rehab because I see all the kids in their program and how many of them are affected by divorce, parental alienation and other factors due to parents and their discourse and that is why I am dedicating my time and my life to working with inspiration.  Because I feel we have to nip the problem in the bud and not wait for people to be married to have families, have children and have jobs where everyone is affected by their addiction or whatever problems they have.

CDL: Last question Sam Ronson are reportedly back together and/or spending time with each other..

Michael: When it comes to Sam Ronson I have no comment whatsoever.  I won’t even go there.   That is Lindsay’s friend. I don’t want to come between her and Samantha at all.

CDL: So you don’t feel that Sam Ronson is a bad influence at all?

Michael: I can’t, no comment whatsoever.

CDL: Okay perfect – thank you very much Michael for you time!

 Image credit to Kat Goduco/WENN.com