First Look At Kirsten Stewart’s First Hunt As A Vampire in Breaking Dawn?

First Look At Kirsten Stewart's First Hunt As A Vampire in Breaking Dawn?

Just like every other Twi-hard out there I have been scouring the web for every piece of  The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn information, news and pictures.   I of course have read all the books and Breaking Dawn was by far my favorite.   Today while I was searching the web I happened to land on this picture and it brought so clearly to mind a scene from the Breaking Dawn book when Bella Swan Cullen goes on her first hunt with her husband Edward Cullen.

From the Breaking Dawn book:  “Focus, Bella — we’re on a hunting trip” “Oh, right.” I nodded.  “Hunting.”  “Follow me…if you can.”  “He grinned his expression suddenly taunting and broke into a run.  He was faster than me.  I culdn’t imagine how he moved his legs with such blinding speed, but it was beyond me.  However, I was stronger and every stride of mine matched the length og three of his.  And so I flew with him through the lviving green web, by his side, not following him at all.

As I ran I couldn’t help laughing queitly at the thrill of itl  the laughter neither slowed me down nor upset my focus.  I could finally understand why Edward never hit the tress when he ran – a question that was always a mystery to me

The picture really looks like the scene and Bella’s complexion looks very pale like Edwards.  In the book she talks about her dress before she goes on the run and how she is not very happy about it and that Alice has dressed her.  She also talks about the wind blowing in her hair and being in the forest.  So what do you think is this a scene from Bella’s first hunt?  Let us know?

UPDATE:  Thank you all my terrific readers :-)  I have been told this is indeed a picture of Bella Swan as a vampire.  However, it is a premonition Alice has and she shows the future  to Aro and the Volturi to prove that Bella will indeed be a vampire.  So the picture is Bella as a vampire – just not from Breaking Dawn.  Thanks again guys!  xo  Robyn