Fitness Expert to the Stars Rich Decker Creates New Workout Techniques

Rich Decker, a Fitness Expert for over 20 years, has put his expertise into a new revolutionary workout regimen that has caught the attention of Hollywood’s elite and Sports Athletes from all over the country.

This revolutionary new workout technique founded by Decker doesn’t require the use of heavy weights, instead it uses elements our bodies face each day such as suspension, gravity, resistance and strength training.

His brand new gym “Studio 89” is designed to provide his clients with the proper equipment to utilize these elements to workout with.  This gym is unique because it’s completely private, a feature that attracts many celebrities to his studio.

By having it private, Decker is able to give one on one attention and concentrate on each clients individual needs, maximizing their experience.

You’ll get results that make heads turn” says Decker

You can find out more by visiting Studio 89’s website