Foster The People Release New Single ‘Call It What You Want’

Foster The People Release New Single 'Call It What You Want'

Hey guys, if you’re someone like me who totally loves Foster The People (you can’t tell me you didn’t jam to Pumped Up Kicks all summer), tell me what you think of their newest video to the song, ‘Call It What You Want’.

This song is the latest single from their recent album Torches – and if you haven’t bought/downloaded – or whatever means you use to get your music, get it now!  It’s a fantastic album, whether you’re at the office or at home rocking out.

This video was directed by Ace Norton, while front man Mark Foster is predominately featured the video is pretty ‘out there’ – hence the term ‘Call It What You Want’.  Well said!

 In case you don’t get a chance to see it today, here’s what to expect:  Mark Pontius in a bathtub, bassist Cubbie Fink making out with himself in a mirror, a goldfish out of water flopping around, Mark Foster shooting at girls from his ‘hand gun’ while the girls are wearing shirts that spell out “FOSTER”.

 Let me tell you, it’s quite imaginative!!

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