George Clooney Takes Stacy Keibler To Cabo San Lucas

George Clooney Takes Stacy Keibler To Cabo San Lucas

George Clooney took his newest flavor of the year, Stacy Keibler, to Cabo San Lucas, to celebrate her 32nd birthday! How sweet of him, right?

They will be just fine for as long as she can appreciate the Clooney, that is, until she starts talking about commitment or anything that requires a relationship longer than two years.

Stacy turns 32 on October 14th, but the duo arrived in Cabo on Friday. A nice vacation birthday present from George, eh?

She commented that she’s not giving up on her fitness routine, despite the fact that she’s on vacation. She revealed, “I have these resistance bands that I pack in my suitcase. I always make an effort to do just a little bit each day.”

A source said, “George is very sweet to Stacy. He gives her a lot of attention and is always complimenting her. They don’t really know where things are going to go, and it doesn’t bother her. They’re just having fun, and Stacy is enjoying every moment of it.”

She should eat it up while she can, because it’s obvious from his history that she’s only temporary.

Photo Credit: Andres Otero/

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  • Anonymous

    Oh, great, more photoshopped pics of the famewhore skank liar Keibler complete with more lied-filled press releases. Should we take bets on how long it takes for these pics to be pulled from major U.S. websites like the last set of photoshopped pics of them supposedly hugging etc.?

    I don’t know what’s sadder, the fact that Keibler is still releasing photoshopped pics complete with bogus press releases, or her thinking that summer ends in October.

    Oh yeah, George’s house and swimming pool in Mexico look nothing like the pic that Keibler posted. Pics of his house in Mexico are readily available online, another detail that must have escaped Keibler’s brilliant mind when she took and tweeted a pic of some random hotel swimming pool.

    Clooney is not and has not been seeing Keibler. The last set of pics of them supposedly hugging etc. were photoshopped just like this set and were soon pulled from all major U.S. websites at Clooney’s request. Keibler is a lying famewhore.