Happy 25th Birthday Robert Pattinson!!!

Happy 25th Birthday Robert Pattinson!!!

Today marks a very, very special day for me people – and I’m sure I’m not the only one!!!  All around the world fellow Twilight fans are joining in on the big day of celebration…it’s Robert Pattinson’s 25th birthday!!!!  Happy Quarter of a Century Rob!!!


Not only does his birthday fall on a Friday, but how lucky am I that I live in Toronto – where he’s currently staying with girlfriend Kristen Stewart – while he films the upcoming film, Cosmopolis.  And let’s not forget about their dog, Bear, whom I’m also dying to meet.  Ok, I know I sound obsessed and crazed, but seriously – if him and I could just pass each other in the street, become lifelong friends, I could definitely show him some good birthday fun.  KStew can come along as well I suppose.


Although there have been conflicting reports as to where the famous couple are residing while staying in good ol’ Tdot, my spies have reported frequent dog walking jaunts through the ever trendy area of the city, Yorkville. As for this evening’s birthday celebrations, I’d like to see them at my favorite English Gastro Pub (right up Rob’s alley) on Elm Street, The Queen and Beaver, where the 2 of them (or 3 of us, whichever way you look at it) can enjoy the awesome atmosphere and magnificent food, followed by a night out of dancing on College Street and sippin’ margarita’s.  Who doesn’t want to partake in that??


Stay tuned folks as to where my boyfriend will be celebrating, I’ve got my eyes and ears open…now all I got to do is give him his present, a big huge fat birthday hug- and probably a kiss just for good measure – from yours truly…what, too much?

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