Homophobic Kris Humphries Suing Kim Kardashian For Millions (Photo)

Homophobic Kris Humphries Suing Kim Kardashian For Millions (Photo)

Kim Kardashian has been seen as the ‘bad one’ in her abortive marriage with Kris Humphries – and she has taken the lion’s share of the public’s wrath following her filing for divorce after only 72 days. Kris has enjoyed mostly empathy and pity after apparently being ground up and spit out by the Kardashian/Jenner money-grubbing fame-whoring clan.

But now another side of Kris is emerging – one in which we see a nasty, spiteful, homophobic, greedy, social climber thinking he could get richer and more famous on the coattails of Kim.  Kris has apparently sent his legal team to sue Kim for $10 million just to get started. Once Kim saw the true Kris she had to get a divorce immediately before he destroyed her hard won fame and robbed her of her fortune.

As an example of Kris’ homophobia is made clear in a description of a scene on the reality show Kourtney & Kim Take New York:

“Kris starts bullying Kim’s best friend, Jonathan Cheban, about his sexuality,” shares a pal of Kim. “Jonathan isn’t gay, but Kris accuses him of being gay and criticizes him for it in a really homophobic way.”

Life and Style spells it out clearly for us in this week’s cover story:  Insiders reveal exclusively to Life & Style–on newsstands now–that Kim’s estranged husband Kris Humphries has met with a legal team and is preparing to sue for $10 million.

“Kris has a legal team investigating his options,” the insider tells the new issue of Life & Style. “He’s claiming his role on Kourtney & Kim Take New York is bigger than he was told, and that’s why he wants more money. But Kris is also suing because he’s really worried about how badly he’s going to be portrayed on the series.”

Life & Style has learned that Kris is particularly concerned about explosive footage of him bullying Kim’s best friend Jonathan Cheban — scenes that stand to tarnish Kris’ wholesome Midwestern image. “Midway through the season, Kris starts bullying Kim’s best friend, Jonathan Cheban, about his sexuality,” shares a Kim pal. “Jonathan isn’t gay, but Kris accuses him of being gay and criticizes him for it in a really homophobic way.  Jonathan is really upset.”

As is Kim. “Kris used the word ‘gay’ as an insult, to try and hurt Jonathan,” an E! insider tells Life & Style. “He’s the lowest of the low bullying someone like this.”

While it’s too late for him to stop the premiere from airing, Kris has retained lawyer Lee Hutton III and is trying his hardest to prevent the most inflammatory moments from being broadcast.

On the other side of the fence we have Kris, his family and his friends maintaining that much of Kris’ appearance on Kourtney & Kim was scripted – including scenes in which he slanders Jonathan’s sexuality – and that he’s not homophobic. “Little did Kris know that he was being set up,” his father, William Humphries, tells Life & Style exclusively. “Kris got used –100 percent used.”

Do you believe that Kris is innocent? I don’t – anyone who hooked up with Kim Kardashian – the fame-whore with the sex tape – can not be such a nice guy. Please tell us your opinion below in the comments section.

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7 responses to “Homophobic Kris Humphries Suing Kim Kardashian For Millions (Photo)”

  1. Elle1515 says:

    No ? In my mind Kim was a “meal ticket” 4 the Humphries family. Talk about RUDE, CLUELESS, and downright MEAN. Khloe saw this from the beginning it was SO OBVIOUS. People picked on Kim but she acted like a lady. Kris is a loser & Kim was gonna b his meal ticket. HEY KRIS MAYBE YOU CAN BE THE BIG, DOOFY TOWELBOY.

  2. liebchenxx says:

    This would be Kardashian damage control propoganda.  Sign the petition.  boycottkimDOTcomFORWARDSLASHpetition   Over 165,000 signatures (with comments) so far.  Do it!

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  5. Cnndate says:

    i agree his a big looser and he is playing a fool, OH I did not know. honey you are on TV, you had your wedding broadcasted all over the world almost, don’t play naive.  What a low life scamback , suing to 10 mil.  She is not a cake but please dont down play your innocence

  6. foddie07 says:

    I think that hump is a little gay himself since he is making such a big deal over jonation, but to scared to come out of the closet, why so interested? hump has some issues himself! and it is none of his business Jon’s personal life

  7. Fung911mudzi says:

    Kris was in it for money..he is a douche..