Celebrity Apprentice Season 11 – Episode Eleven Live Recap & Who Was Fired

Celebrity Apprentice Season 11 – Episode Eleven Live Recap & Who Was Fired

Tonight’s episode of Celebrity Apprentice is part one of the finale.  There are four celebs that remain: John Rich; Lil Jon; Meatloaf and Marlee Matlin and they will be taking on new tasks.  If you missed last week’s episode take a look at our last week’s recap and get up-to-date.  Tonight Donald Trump announces that he’s going to fire two people on tonight’s episode as well as bring back the last three winners of the show — Bret Michaels, Joan Rivers, and Piers Morgan.

There will only be two that advance into next week.   I am guessing John Rich has to be one the other I am not sure.  I am hoping it will be Lil John.  Who do you think will be the final two and who is going to be fired.  We will find out soon enough.  Tonight the episode starts with John Rich and Lil Jon talking about the fact that Meatloaf was talking about the fact that he felt he was being set up.  All of a sudden the door opens and Meat Loaf was there.  The men were really happy.  John said “he thought they were having a meat loaf sandwich there”

Marlee Matlin comes back to the room and she was upset, she totally lost it.  Meat Loaf told her he had to fight he did not want to get fired.  Mr. Trump comes to the room and congratulates everyone.  He tells them they are going to be interviewed by three important people to him: Bret Michaels, Joan Rivers and Piers Morgan.  Donald tells them that after the interviews he will fire two people.

The panel is meeting with John Rich and they asked him who he would throw under the bus.  He answered Meat Loaf and Marlee Matlin.  Joan Rivers asks him why he should win.  He says because he can write.  Piers says you keep saying the same thing but Piers is not impressed that he can write songs.  Joan Rivers says what will people say terrible about you.  John tells them no one really says bad things about him.  Bret asks him if because he is a friend of Little Jon does he think he can go toe to toe.  Piers feels like he may have benefited from being on a strong team.

Lil Jon, Bret feels he is a strong player.  Bret says he is really laid back how does he feel about the pressure.  Joan asks him who he thinks is going to be the final two, he replies John Rich and Marlee Matlin.  Lil Jon said he did not come here saying he was going to win what he is here for is to win money for his charity.  Piers wonders why he does not want to win.  He says he does want to win but he feels John and Marlee are strong players.  Lil Jon says John Rich are friends but if he has to fight, he can fight.  His whole career has been about overcoming obstacles.  Bret feels Lil Jon may be a little too laid back.  Piers feels Lil Jon made a tactical error by saying he does not think he should be in the final two.

Meat Loaf, Joan asked if he felt his age was an asset or a detriment?  He said he was an asset.  Piers said really people told me you cry a lot.  Meat Loaf said he cries because his charity is so important to him.  Piers said wait you cry to much and you have anger management problems.  Bret asks him if he feels he is fired up because he wanted to win.   Bret says what he found a little shocking was John Rich and Little Jon threw you under the bus.  Meat Loaf replied Little Jon is lazy and he never heard of John Rich.

Marlee Matlin, Joan asked her where she keeps her Oscar, she tells her it is in her office.  Piers asks her what is harder winning an Oscar or Celebrity Apprentice.  She replies this!  Bret asks if having a handicap gives her a leg up on the other players.  Joan wants to know if not hearing has slowed her down.  She says people assume she cannot do things but they are impressed when she can.  Piers says he feels being deaf was an advantage.  Piers said she had one great task but he feels she may be getting weaker.  Piers asked if she has tapped out her doners and she implied yes.  Piers told her the answer was a mistake because before she said that he would be afraid to take her to the final now he is not.

They have come to an agreement (Joan, Bret, Piers) on who the two final people should be.

Donald says he took of his winners and he replied on them to come up with two recommendations.  Donald is asking John Rich who he would pick as the final too and he replies himself and Marlee Matlin.

Lil Jon says he would take himself and John Rich.  Marlee says she would pick herself and John Rich.  Meat Loaf says he would choose himself and John Rich.

Donald is telling Lil Jon that the three advisers hated that when they asked him who should be in the final two he did not choose himself.  Donald Trump FIRES LIL JON.

Mr. Trump tells the final three that the judges loved all three of them but the three advisers did not like the fact that Meat Loaf was so emotional.  They felt there is just too much emotion.  They did not vote for him to be in the final two.  Donald Trump decides to fire MEAT LOAF.

John Rich and Marlee Matlin are happy to be the final two.  Donald congratulates both of them.  Marlee says she is stunned and John says he has admired Marlee and her tenacity.

They are one and one on wins of tasks.  Donald sends them out to celebrate and tells them tomorrow he will give them their final task.  John says it is no holds barred he is going for the win.  Marlee says she will do whatever it takes to win.

The final task will help determine who will win celebrity apprentice and win $250,000 for their charity.  7up the uncola is going to take us back in time – they are asking them to help launch 7up retro.  They will have to do 3 tasks: display, write produce a commercial, 3rd launch a star studded event.  One team will celebrate the 70’s and work with the Harlem Globetrotters and the other will celebrate the  80’s and work with Def leppard to bring to life the 1980’s.  The task will be judged on  creativity of design, the commercial, and launch event.  7up will also be giving both fo their charities 50,00 to get started.

Donald tells them they need some help and calls some celebs in.  Marlee gets first pick the 70’s or the 80’s and she chooses the 70’s and the Harlem Gobetrotters.  John Rich gets the 80’s and Def Leppard.

John gets to choose first who he wants as a celebrity helper he chose Lil Jon, Mark McGraph and Star Jones

Marlee picks Meat Loaf, Richard Hatch and  Latoya Jackson.

Don and Ivanka are the advisers.  Donald wishes them good luck.

Team Marlee Matlin: Marlee’s team is trying to plan and Meat Loaf is jumping all around.  Marlee is trying to keep him in control.  Marlee comes up with a slogan ‘Feel the pump or Celebrate the pump’  Richard Hatch is frustrated because everyone is talking and flipping back and forth.  Marlee looks overwhelmed. They are talking about making the 7up can as the disco ball.  Meat Loaf is trying to take over the creative side of the task.  She agrees with Meat Loaf’s idea to make the 7up can the disco ball.   ‘7up retro feel the love’ is now her slogan.  She has Richard Hatch posing with his shirt open for the ad.

Meat Loaf and Latoya are being sent out to get the costumes.  Richard and Marlee are concentrating on design.  Richard is not sure about the design Meat Loaf wanted a boom box but it is not working it became too complex so Marlee removed the boom box from the design.  She says she is the project manager and can do what she wants.

Meat Loaf and Latoya comes back with the costumes and Meat Loaf sees the design and he is upset, he says they have take away from the whole theme.  He tells them he feels they are making a huge mistake.  Marlee is telling him it did not look good and she said the charity is about people who are deaf and a boombox does not make sense and it did not look good.

They start trying to find things that are the 70’s they come up with bell bottoms and then Meat Loaf comes up with CB’s.  They decide to use Jeffrey Holder an actor from the 70’s who represented 7up then.  Meat Loaf is calling to see if he will do it.  He agrees to do the commercial, Meat Loaf feels it is a big deal getting him.

Marlee’s team gets to the studio and they see their new 7up can and they love it.  They are shooting the print campaign and the commercial and Meat Loaf is working on the script.  Meat Loaf has them using 70’s iconic figures.  Richard feels the iconic  images were a great idea but what Meat Loaf wanted them to say was cheesy.

Meat Loaf is directing the commercial and it is in full swing.  Richard Hatch is dressed like someone in the 70’s and he looks a bit ridiculous.  Latoya Jackson is dressed like a Super Hero – can we say tacky!

Meat Loaf is in costume for his part.  They seem to have lost the script for Jeffrey Holder – so they are all looking for it.  Meat Loaf starts his part of the commerical and Marlee likes his segment.

The phone rings and Meat Loaf gets a call – he hangs up and everyone asks what the problem is.  Apparently there is a problem with Jeffrey Holder he is refusing to sign the release.  Meat Loaf calls Jeffrey’s manager and leaves a message.  Apparently it is Jeffrey’s lawyer throwing a wrench in the works.

Meat Loaf gets upsets and starts screaming he is going to throw his phone across the room.

Team John Rich: John’s team looks very organized.  They come up with the slogan ‘7up still keeping it real’ They are working on the can design and Mark McGrath comes up with a zebra design on the can.  They feel the zebra print is 80’s retro.  They try the zebra print in several colors and they all agree the black and white is the best.  Star Jones is loving being with the men.  Star Jones tells John Rich if he was not married she would want to date him.

Lil Jon and John Rich are working on a concept.  Lil Jon is tired.  John gave Lil Jon the job of directing the commercial, but Lil Jon is not really getting anything.  Mark McGrath feels maybe he can come up with something.  John Rich loves his concept and thinks it is great.  John is asking everyone who they know from the 80’s who they could get them into the commercial.  John Rich says he can get Dee Synder from Twisted Sisters to come.  He calls Dee Snyder and Dee says he will do it but the problem is he is doing Rock of Ages and has a huge mustache.  He is not allowed to shave it.  John ask him to try.   John Rich calls back and the Broadway play agrees to let him shave.

The one thing John Rich is concerned with is Little Jon he hopes he will have energy the next day.

John Rich’s team gets to their studio and sees there new 7up can and I have to admit it looks incredible.  John is still concerned because Lil Jon still looks tired.  John has a sense of urgency – he is trying to set everyone on fire.

Dee Snyder walked into the studio and then they start the commercial.  They have to work quickly with Dee because he has a performance that night on Broadway with Rock of Ages.  Time is ticking and John feels like they are running out of time.

They shoot the audition for the commercial part and now they are shaving off his mustache so he can do the twisted sister part.  Dee Synder is dressed up like he is on twisted sister and he looks fabulous!  Star Jones did a double take it was fabulous.  Dee looks fabulous he is doing the twisted sister part and sings ‘7up retro keeping it real’.  Looks like is is a winner!

John Rich is doing the photo-shoot and the commercial is going on in the other room.  John Rich is going a little crazy – he says he has too much to handle.  Everyone is coming at him at once.  John is trying to negotiate with Def Leppard’s tour manager but he is not cooperating with John and John is mad.  He is going to speak to them and he says if they do not do what he wants he will sing himself.  Mark thinks he is making a mistake.

Ivanka comes in and asks Team Marlee what is the concept.  Meat Loaf starts speak and Ivanka says be careful not too take over.  Meat Loaf tells her their concept, she is concerned about Meat Loaf taking over.

Ivanka goes and visit John Rich, Ivanka feels him having Def Leppard is a good choice for him.  They show their leopard can to Ivanka, she thinks it is a great idea.  John tells her it is going to be a rock show for 7up.

That is it for the show it continues next Sunday the season finale of Celebrity Apprentice when all our favorites come back.  NeNe, Star and Gary Busey.

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