Hurricane Irene Is Messing Up X FACTOR Plans!

Hurricane Irene Is Messing Up X FACTOR Plans!

Hurricane Irene just continues to mess things up. Now, she’s wrecking havoc on the shooting/production schedule of the upcoming show X Factor, Simon Cowell’s hot new singing competition with a hefty prize and fair amount of hype.

Recently, TMZ learned that pop star Mariah Carey had to cancel a very important video shoot for the show because she couldn’t travel safely to the required destination. Apparently, the cancellation has thrown the show into “utter chaos.”

Mariah was supposed to leave New York and travel to a secret destination where she’d meet Cowell. Cowell, one of the show’s producers, has said that the singer will play a very important role on the show, but as for what exactly that might be we’re not sure. He’s done a fantastic job at keeping it hush hush.

Producers are trying to figure out another way to collect the crucial footage they need for the show, but as of yet nothing has solidified in the ol’ schedule books. Uh, oh. Guess you guys shouldn’t have procrastinated.

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