In Touch: The Kardashian Family Destroyed By Greed (Photo)

In Touch: The Kardashian Family Destroyed By Greed (Photo)

The current issue of In Touch features the cover story ‘America’s Fakest Family – Destroyed by Greed.’  This has to be the funniest story of the week – love the line America’s fakes family :-)  The magazine claims that Kim’s sham wedding is just the start of their dirty money secrets.  They stole ideas, had a sketchy church and even a Ponzi scheme scandal.

In Touch has more: In a desperate move that seemed designed to save her free-falling reputation, Kim Kardashian hopped aboard a plane on November 6 and flew to Minnesota to meet with her estranged husband, Kris Humphries. Leaking information to the press that she was looking for “closure” and had arranged for counseling for Kris and herself, Kim — who’d filed for divorce on Halloween, 72 days after their overhyped, televised wedding — was clearly trying to put a prettier face on the divorce filing. Indeed, the scandal has angered Kim’s most loyal fans, threatened her family’s multimillion-dollar empire and showed the ugly truth about how driven by fame and money the Kardashians truly are.

To find out all about the Kardawshians and how fame is destroying them, pick up the current issue of In Touch.  The question we are asking is – the Kardashians have never really never done anything worth mentioning and yet their names are on everyone’s lips – why is that?  Thoughts?  Sound out in the comments below!

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