Is Janet Jackson Envious Of Paris Jackson’s Career Move?

Is Janet Jackson Envious Of Paris Jackson's Career Move?

Janet Jackson might be expressing envy when she says she wishes her niece, Paris Jackson, had “waited” before beginning her acting career.

It was recently revealed that Michael Jackson’s daughter, Paris had landed her debut movie role in ‘Lundon’s Bridge and the Three Keys’ and while her famous aunt is “excited” about the opportunity, she doesn’t want the youngster to miss out on her childhood in the way she did.

Former child star Janet told ‘Access Hollywood’: “I’m excited for her, but it worries me a little bit. Yeah, I wish that she would maybe wait.”

“I got into the business at a young age. It’s not an easy thing. Your completely lose and I didn’t get to experience that, so she has the rest of her adult life to be that actress that she wants to be and I told her that.”

Janet has advised Paris to spend time studying acting before she fully begins her career.

She added: “I told her I would take this time to just study. really, really study the craft.”

Despite Janet’s concerns, Paris – who, along with her brothers Prince Michael, 14, and nine-year-old Prince Michael II aka Blanket, now lives with her grandmother Katherine Jackson – recently insisted she had a “normal” life.

She said: “I do have like a regular childhood. I mean, I’m treated the same. When I came to [my new school] they didn’t know who I was. I was like, ‘Yes, I have a chance to be normal.'”

As normal as Paris might like to think her life was, as Michael Jackson’s pretty young daughter she can expect a normal life to be nothing but a memory. In Janet’s advice to Paris I sense some envy – and a fear that Paris and the other MJ children could easily and quickly overshadow Janet, the way Michael himself did.

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18 responses to “Is Janet Jackson Envious Of Paris Jackson’s Career Move?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow your a complete moron.
    Janet is one of the best female recording artist in history,sold over 150 million records,starred in 3 #1 movies, 6 sold out world tours,and has 35 number one singles,2 million followers on twitter and million upon millions of fans world wide,her career spans 4 decades,and she has one every award possible. Janet has NOTHING TO ENVY. why don’t you drink a bottle of bleach and save the world from your shitty opinion and dumb as blog. Thanks

  2. Shortstuff45220 says:

    how fucking stupid how is Janet being” envoius” of Paris  . maybe she doesn’t want her neice to end up like miley ciruss , lisey loghan and etc. and all the other scandls you hear anout former childhood stars.

  3. raven says:

    no she is not envious of her niece, she just wants her to have a childhood like her father wanted. we all know if michael was alive she would not be doing a movie right now. people would not even know what she look like. so stop hating on janet for looking out for her.

  4. Some Bah Dee says:

    And the award for “Most Misleading Headline” goes too…

  5. Natahsa Rose says:

    This is the stupidest article i’ve read in a while. Why would icon janet jackson be envious of her 13 year old niece. Janet’s advice was for her to enjoy her childhood years then focus on her career but ultimately she wants her niece to be happy.

  6. Dr. Jody says:

    To all you who think it’s ‘stupid’ for me to write that Janet could be jealous of Paris’ potential to overshadow her – well how do you know – what makes you so sure that Janet could not have some potential for envy?  I mean Janet is already a huge star so what right does she have to try to interfere with Paris making it big and finding her own place in the sun?  Janet should simply mind her own business – Paris have every right to outshine Janet – and Janet’s music has always sucked the big one.

    • The Norm says:

      “Dr.” Jody, you clearly have no understanding of what’s good and what’s not, hence, you posting misleading “articles” on a no-named, cheap blog. How is Janet interfering? She is the LEADER of the industry and everyone wants her statistics. You’re opinion is irrelevant.

      How about you listen to the rest of Janet’s interview and “GET ON IT”. I’m sure you can use it

    • Oh so what it comes down to  is your a bitter stupid bitch looking for attention by lying. Thats all there is to it. Now lets address what makes you very dumb abot this entire thing. Gee maybe Janet doesn’t want her niece in a industry where someone as stupid as you can talk shit about her based on no facts but pure opinion. And Janets her fuckin aunt and Paris is still a kid, she dosent need any business, Janet and the brothers are in the best position to give advise to Paris about being a kid in the industry, and thats because they’ve been there. Now see if you werent so stupid you’d at least realize most of what I just said

      Oh and sorry that YOU dont like Janets music, but she has a catalog of hits and groundbreaking, record breaking, game changing music. Soooo theres more who would disagree with that pathetic piece of shit opinion you just posted about her music.

    • guest says:

      “Interfering” and giving advice are two totally different things. Is her advice gonna stop Paris from making a decision? You are being extremely judgmental and jumping to conclusions. And for a 13 year old with no father, IT IS JANET JACKSON’S BUSINESS! It showes that she cares and is the most responsible thing to do. Janet is in the industry and understands it.

    • Jasper5007 says:

      This makes no sense…if you can’t receive quality advice from your own family members…then who can you rely on?

  7. Jayqwuan says:

    No Bobby Fischer! How about you consider that Paris lost her father only less than 3 years ago. Michael Jackson, who happens to be the greatest entertainer of all time and a mucic icon  Aunt Janet Jackson. Janet, who has acquried enourmous abouts of sucess and experience in the music industry, and business. Her father is gone! Janet Jackson isn’t Miely Cyrus or Selena Gomez in some type of popularity competition. Janet is her Aunt who loves and cares for her niece. This unecessary tabloid media frenzy your trying create needs to stop. CUT IT OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Jayqwuan says:

    SHE isn’t Beyonce’, Rhanna, shes her niece you industry CRITIC!

  9. Jayqwuan says:

    Right its stupid and very simple minded, for gees sake this man could take into consideration the story behind Paris father who talked about starting to young and having privcy, Now Michaels gone the media is ready to watch the Jackson family and see judge whos better? Get a life and write another story~

  10. She is very cute and has a lot of charisma, just like her dad, I wish
    her well. however, I don’t mean to sound dramatic but this producer
    she’s signed up with is very shady. Her brothers are trying to
    discourage her from making this film. Paris Jackson also met Julian
    Rouas in August for the Jackson Tribute Perfumes … another sordid
    venture that went down the toilet. The road to fame is paved with hard
    knocks and sleazy characters like Julian Rouas and Stephen Sobisky. See
    the photos …

  11. The Norm says:

    First of all, Janet Jackson is a legend in her own light and Paris’s cheap ass straight-to-dvd (not bluray) movie isn’t going to “overshadow” anyone.

    Maybe if you truly understood the industry, you would know that.

  12. Yahaira Cortez says:

    Janet has shown her niece nothing but love and concern as any aunt should. Especially being in this business. It is not an easy one. Paris is at an age where kids are trying so hard to become adults that they sometimes self destruct. Much kudos to Janet for giving her niece advice instead of being a YES aunt.

  13. Whitj25 says:

    Janet Jackson is just trying to give good advise to a young girl  I do not think she is jealous The people in the business are the ones that she has to be afraid.  They just want to make a buck and this kid already has enough money to last several life times

  14. Yeah says:

    What rubbish? None of Michaels kids can have the impact and or career Janet has. Simply because she is a pioneer she broke barriers and paved the way for Ashanti, Beyonce, Christina, Ciara and the others. Also you reveal the type of person you are by suggesting this, what you have ultimately done is shown is you have the cpacity to be envious of others.