Is Paris Hilton Pregnant Or Just Getting A Tummy? – Photo

Is Paris Hilton Pregnant Or Just Getting A Tummy?

When Paris Hilton was with Cy Waits the couple were fitness fanatics and Paris attained the best shape of her life. But now she has moved on from old Cy and her daily training regimen and could be getting a little tummy.  Or is she pregnant!?

Paris now has got the rumours flying mill after appearing on the TV show ‘Extra,’ with what appears to be a baby bump.  Simply wearing such a tight fitting dress could make Paris appear to have a baby on board but there has been a lot of birthday’s and birthday cake in the office this month so anything is possible.

Paris is only human, and so she might have acquired a bit of a food induced tummy. If so then perhaps a tight fitting dress wasn’t the best item of clothing to wear.

The socialite did look a little uncomfortable when speaking to host Mario Lopez, covering her stomach with her hands.

If Paris is actually pregnant and showing then it would most likely have to be her ex-boyfriend, Cy Waits’ child.   It would be so nice for Paris to have a baby :-)  I am sure she would enjoy being a mother.