Is Robert Pattinson Cheating on Kristen Stewart?

Is Robert Pattinson Cheating on Kristen Stewart

Oh no say it ain’t so…. could Twilight star Robert Pattinson be cheating on girlfriend Kristen Stewart. I know there have been so many rumors about the two in the past six months.  Actually not only have there been rumors they were breaking up there have also been rumors that their romance is only to help the popularity of the Twilight movies.  Many speculate they will break up once the final film is released.

The most recent rumor floating around is that Robert who is currently starring in Cosmopolis is cheating with one of his co-stars. Showbiz Spy has more:

“According to these sources Rob has been cheating on Kristen with this person for sometime [sic] now. We will not mention her name here because we have not been able to 100% confirm the story as of now and do not want to damage her reputation. We are confident that Robert Pattinson has been seen out with this girl on many occasions in Toronto since filming started.”

Robert has been seen partying hard on the Toronto club scene and rumor has it that Kirsten is less than happy with it.  Reportedly she didn’t stay worried for too long — and instead, decided to get some revenge!

One thing for sure the paparazzi follow Robert around so much that if he is being a bad boy pictures will soon be leaked on the internet.

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7 responses to “Is Robert Pattinson Cheating on Kristen Stewart?”

  1. Elaineparkinson2 says:

    Well How stupid is this ..Rob is a lovely young Guy ..who likes to go out once in a while …he works hard so he deserves some free time ..what the hell does every one want him to do ..become arecluse in some Hotel room somewhere waiting for Kristen to show up he not allowed to have friends and a social life …we DON,t own him …he does his Job and respects his fans and is a nice guy who nobody he has EVER worked with has said a Bad word about him…Im sure if Rob and Kristen were /are a couple that want to split up tey will do it when they choose to  hopefully amicably..and with permission from anyone else normal couples do ..OH yeah and if the papz follow Rob around so much how come there is,nt proof of hiom EVER cheating on anyone … us and yourselves a favour and Get a Life lol ..its all B/ S…

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  3. Elinor Zen says:

    is he officially engaged? did he promise to media always to be attached to Kristen? ITA with @ Elaine- who saw Robert with any other girl?

  4. karen says:

    everyone is saying rob is cheating, that they are only going to stay together until the series is over.Do you fools realize that will be until 2012, heck thats along time to pretend to be in love. People will go see the movies regardless of them together or not.I myself want them to stay together and i believe in all my heart they will.They will be back in each others arms soon as their work lets up.Please give them a break,as always peace and love to you rob and kristen and your families.P.S give bear a bib hug and kiss…..

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  6. Anonymous says:

    Rob Pattinson has been cheating with his director’s daughter Caitlin Cronenberg in Toronto since the end of May even before he went to the MTV movie awards in LA with Kristen. He’s been spotted out with Caitlin and her friends at a bunch of clubs and parties over the last few weeks-GoodNight, the Crown Lounge opening (hosted by her friends from Greta Constantine), that Vice Magazine after party, Panchea, the Crooked Star (tweeted by her friend that he was there), the Dakota Tavern and just this past Saturday at some dive bar called Sweaty Beatty’s. He had a 3-day weekend off from filming and was even rumored to have flown to LA on Friday where he was spotted at another party the Chateau Marmont not even bothering to make an effort to see Kristen before he flew back to Toronto first thing on Saturday. This has been going on since practically the beginning of filming although Kristen only found out the truth recently and took her ring off her gave her last year for her birthday before attending the LAFF last week.  He’s a cheater and a liar. All he cares about is partying, getting drunk and sleeping around. He is revolting and Kristen should’ve never gotten involved with a loser like him. 

    • Sounds like it’s the other way around these days. But if their relationship is fake & only to promote Twilight stuff, then they can both see whoever they want in reality, right? Only problem for Kristen is she may have helped break up a REAL relationship, as that Rupert guy is (soon to be WAS) married. Tsk, tsk…