Is Robert Pattinson Driving Kristen Stewart Away From Her Family

Is Robert Pattinson Driving Kristen Stewart Away From Her Family

Facts are difficult to contest and one look at Kristen Stewart’s choices these days shows that she is putting Robert Pattinson way ahead of her own family.  In fact the love-struck Kristen is doing everything she can to spend more time with Robert.

Kristen even went as far ditching her own mom just to free up her schedule for Rob. Kristen was slatted to star in her mom’s first movie this summer but pulled out!

Her mom, Jules Stewart, is directing her first movie, ‘K-11,’ and was really counting on her superstar daughter to guarantee the movie’s success. But Kristen all of a sudden developed ‘scheduling conflicts’ that ‘forced’ her to drop out of the movie.

But sources reveal that Kristen will drop anything just to be with Rob. “Whenever she isn’t working, she’s jetting to whatever film location Rob is on,” one source says. “She basically drops everything when she can, to be with him.”

The source explains: “Now that Kristen is filming ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ in London, she barely sees him.” This must be making Kristen even more desperate to make time to be with Rob.

And all is not rosie inside the Stewart family as a consequence of Kristen’s selfish behavior. A friend says that “Kristen’s mom was hurt by her decision to pull out the movie.”

Darn right mom was hurt! After all this was Jules’ very first chance at directing and having one of Hollywood’s hottest actresses, who happens to be her very own daughter, starring in the movie was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

But Kristen’s great need for Rob wrecked that chance to bring Kristen and her mom closer together. Kristen might be a ‘loyal friend’ but is she a loyal daughter? You tell us.

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