Jane Fonda Uses Steroids To Boost Her Sex Life

Jane Fonda Uses Steroids To Boost Her Sex Life

According to Jane Fonda her sex life was in the pits when she was 70 so she started taking the powerful MALE steroid, testosterone.

Jane openly admits that testosterone was what she used to ensure a healthy sex life and she recommends it to her readers in her autobiography.

Fonda is now 73 years old and has been more than happy with the results she’s gotten from using the hormone except for the outbreak of acne. Acne is your 70’s – who says there are no side-effects to steroids?

Jane stated, “Here’s something I haven’t said publicly yet: I discovered testosterone about three years ago, which makes a huge difference if you want to remain sexual and your libido has dropped. Use testosterone. It comes in a gel, a pill or a patch. I had to stop because it was giving me acne. It’s one thing having plastic surgery, but it is quite another to have adolescence acne.”

Come on Jane – one can’t have the sex life and libido of a teen without paying the price. One really has to wonder what her current sex partners think about her revelation… and her blossoming facial hair!

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    jane fonda please go away. i dont hate you but just go home.