Jennifer Aniston Engaged To Justin Theroux?

Jennifer Aniston Engaged To Justin Theroux?

Jennifer Aniston only recently went public with her relationship with her new man, Justin Theroux. Now, there are rumors that are popping up saying that they are already talking about getting engaged! Is he “the one”???

Reportedly, Jen and Justin might already be engaged…. She was said to be flashing some bling on her ring finger. The two first got his and hers “Jennifer” and “Justin” rings. Now, she is wearing a diamond ring on her right hand, prompting speculation that she’s gearing up for a second wedding before the summer is over.

A source close to Jennifer said, “They’re kind of pre-engaged. We keep saying, ‘What’s with the rings? It’s only been a few weeks!’ But she says it feels right.”

An inside snitch said, “She has a huge grin, 24/7. Her eyes have that extra sparkle. Her relationship with Justin is very physical. They’re extremely touchy-feely, and apparently there are fireworks in the bedroom. It’s been a long time coming for Jen – she’s really missing the intimacy.”

Jennifer has also made him a better man, as well. The spy revealed, “He has always been somewhat cynical and pessimistic. But he has a happy, upbeat vibe now, like he’s a better version of himself.”

Nice! You go girl!

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