Johnny Depp’s Bodyguards Injure Handicapped Woman

Johnny Depp's Bodyguards Injure Handicapped Woman

Johnny Depp’s bodyguards are paid to protect him but one assumes that they have some training – so that they don’t go crazy on a disabled woman who strays too close to Depp and wind up sending her to hospital. Robyn Ecker, 52, has filed a police report alleging she was tackled to the ground by a security guard who was minding Depp at an Iggy Pop concert at Los Angeles’ Palladium on Thursday night.

Ecker claims the unnamed bodyguard grabbed her wrists and forced her to the ground after she accidentally got too close to the star, who was seated beside her.  She was subsequently admitted to hospital to treat her injuries and filed a police report about the incident.

TMZ has the scoop:  Johnny Depp’s hired muscle put a handicapped woman in the hospital Thursday night — this according to a police report filed by the woman in question.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … 52-year-old Robyn Ecker filed the report claiming she was celebrating her husband’s birthday at the Iggy Pop concert in L.A. — treating him to $600-a-pop seats at the Palladium … and Johnny was seated right beside her, surrounded by bodyguards.

Ecker claims she was having a blast, dancing her face off … when she accidentally strayed a little too close to Johnny’s table.

According to Ecker, Depp’s bodyguards pounced on her out of nowhere — grabbing her wrists and wrestling her to the ground. Soon as she regained composure, Ecker says she left and got herself checked out at the hospital.

Ecker’s assistant tells TMZ, Robyn and her party had been drinking during the evening. Law enforcement sources tell us, Robyn appeared wasted when she made the report.  Attempts to reach Depp’s people were unsuccessful.

Even if Robyn was drunk, professional bodyguards should be able to do their job without sending innocent people to the hospital. Johnny Depp is just another person – with no more right to safety than Robyn Ecker. If Johnny boy wants to go to an Iggy Pop concert then his bully boys need to realize that there might be a little partying going on – so they need to temper their violent instincts if a fellow concert goer gets a little bit too close to their precious cargo.

What is your opinion about bodyguards getting unnecessarily violent with innocent people? Let is know in the comments below.


5 responses to “Johnny Depp’s Bodyguards Injure Handicapped Woman”

  1. Get your facts straight, loser says:

    You have no idea what actually happened, how she was behaving, how many times she’d “accidentally” moved in on JD and his kids (he had his kids with him), whether or not she was being intrusive or got belligerent and fell because she was drunk, the police who took her report described her as “wasted.” She was NOT admitted to the hospital, she was seen and released with no injuries. I realize it’s hard to resist the temptation to sensationalize, but to claim she was “admitted” to the hospital is a lie.

    • This is a farce! says:

      Absolutely correct on all counts.  I’m glad you set the record straight.  “Dancing her face off’ and ‘wasted’ not to mention being able to spend $600.00 each on at least two tickets to this show?  Doesn’t sound like any disabled person I know…she’s getting her pitiful 15min of fame for this; let’s hope it’s all she gets.

  2. noj says:

    Johhny can’t defend himself from a 52 year old handicapped women? What’s this world coming to? This is unwarranted assault no matter how you boil it down and Johnny should be ashamed he let this happen!

  3. Alba says:

    is all a mess ! also johnny look drunk in this picture.. i hear recently he got crisis with Vanessa Paradis , i hope he don t leave her because they are really perfect couple! 

  4. Wilmamounts says:

    i am a fan of jhonny deep,s that is what he has hired the people for to protected him & his familey is out tring to have a good time.i think if people want to talk to ask if it would be ok they
    have theiry lifes to live also i  do not think this law-suite will go very. wilma mounts