Justin Bieber Meets Miley Cyrus In The Plans For ‘Dirty Dancing’ Remake

Justin Bieber Meets Miley Cyrus In The Plans For 'Dirty Dancing' Remake

Hollywood studios never tire of making money the surest way possible – and that means remakes. So now that Hollywood geniuses noticed how popular Jennifer Grey was on DWTS they have decided to dredge up the 24 year-old blockbuster, ‘Dirty Dancing,’ for a remake… .

Now that ‘Dirty Dancing’ is back is there any way that the producers can get Justin Bieber to take the male lead?

That’s the question racing around the rumor mill now that Kenny Ortega, the original ‘Dirty Dancing’ choreographer, has confirmed that he will soon be directing a remake. Who better to assure big profits than the world’s most popular living male, Justin Bieber?

And while these ‘artists’ are planning our entertainment future they are thinking that Miley Cyrus would be perfect match for the role of Baby, the female lead.

“The opportunity to direct Dirty Dancing is like returning home for me,” mused Kenny Ortega in a recent interview. “I am looking forward to assembling a great creative team and an exciting cast to bring Dirty Dancing to the screen for a new generation.”

So far, the other stars under consideration for the role of “heart-throb” Johnny Castle include Justin Timberlake, Rob Pattinson, Derek Hough, and Selena Gomez’s long-ago crush—Zac Efron. Meanwhile, Miley Cyrus’s competition includes Glee’s Lea Michele and Emma Stone.

Don’t be surprised if they try to do some all-star couple casting – maybe Bieber and Selena Gomez – or how about Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart? After all, productions like this one are designed with only one concern in mind – to make as much money as possible.

  • Samantha

    I don’t think that Miley and Justin are going to make a good Johnny and Baby because Justin sounds like A Girl but he’s a good dancer and I think he’s a little young and Miley has alot of films to do like A God themed Comedy and I Really want Lea MIchele and Derek Hough to Play Johnny and Baby

  • Shae

    i say Derek Hough and Emma Stone, but not Miley and Justin cause they would ruin a great classic 

  • !! miley and nick

    why cant they just take nick and miley!!! film will be a hit, i tell you..A HIT!!

  • 2NE1izB2st

    No. Just no. First of all they should not be remaking something that was fine way it was. Second, Justin is a flipping cross-dresser if anything he should get the part of Baby. And third, leave classic Hollywood alone. Poor Patrick Swayze is probably turning over in his grave as we speak. 

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  • Genni

    That sucks!  Miley and Justin?  First, need a man to play that part, not a boy…and Justin, although very popular needs to look more like a man(think Patrick Swayze, young, muscular, sexy, mmmmm he was great…Bieber is waaaaay too young and Miley Cyrus?  Honestly?  Yup, will soooooo not go see the remake!

  • Alex

    No…just no…
    The movie’s already going to be ruined in a remake in general, but you’re going to make it worse by having JUSTIN BIEBER play the same role that Patrick Swayze?
    All I can think is…what has become of us >.>
    A hunky older man replaced by a scrawny teen that looks like a girl

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  • tina

    justin ? it is a joke? im 17 y.o and i dont want to see him taking the part of patrick this is a complete FAIL!

  • Joy

    Justin and Miley would be perfect! I’m a huge fan of the original! I never thought any guy would be as handsome and as hot as Patrick Swayze and then the world was blessed with Justin Bieber! I’ve seen him dance and he definitely has what it take’s! As does Miley! In the original Johnny and Baby were protraid as a young couple but in the real world was anything but. “Johnny” was 25 Patrick was 35 “Baby” was 17 and Jennifer was 27. Big age difference! Justin and Miley are actually young. So there’s another reason they would be perfect! I can guarantee you that if Justin and Miley are Johnny and Baby in the remake, it will be more popular than the first one! And will definitely bring in more money!