Kate Middleton Is Decorating Kensington Palace

Kate Middleton Is Decorating Kensington Palace

Kate Middleton is already putting her foot down about the decorations to her new home at Kensington Palace!

She married Prince William on April 29th, but already has ideas about what she wants to do with the place they call home.

A source said that she already has an array of candles and room sprays delivered to the palace so that she can feel at home in her new digs.

A source said, “Kaet had little say in her marital home. But the only time she’s put her foot down was when it came to interior design. Kate has a keen eye for contemporary, effortlessly cool styling and was adamant she and William would make their home feel like a home – not a formal residence.”

The snitch went on to reveal, “Whereas William is used to the smell and the feel of the palace, Kate is used to a more modern, relaxed environment. She felt it had an overriding musty, damp smell, and ordered a six-month supply of her favorite products to override this. She’s also thrown pillows around to make it look more minimalist-chich and less fuddy-duddy. William was happy to go with the flow.”

Pics or it didn’t happen! Don’t you want to see how the other half lives?

Photo Credit: WENN.com

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