Kate Middleton Takes Beauty Tips From Camilla Parker Bowles

Kate Middleton Takes Beauty Tips From Camilla Parker Bowles

Kate Middleton aka Duchess Catherine is getting chummy and taking beauty tips from Prince William‘s stepmother, Duchess Camilla, the wife of Prince Charles. We wonder if William is totally cool with his wife’s budding relationship with the woman who many see as supplanting his late mother, Diana Princess of Wales.

The newest member of the royal family – who married Prince William in April – has been receiving treatments from Deborah Mitchell after Duchess Camilla recommended the beautician’s bee sting facial.

A source told the Mail on Sunday newspaper: “Deborah has been treating Camilla for six years now. Like any customer who finds something good, Camilla has told her friends and in-laws, including Kate. Now she visits the Royal Family wherever they are in residence. They are lovely to her.”

As well as her treatments, Deborah is known for her bee venom mask – which contains manuka honey, shea butter, rose and lavender essential oils, a “secret” ingredient and around one per cent bee venom – which tricks the skin’s surface into thinking it has been stung, increasing blood flow, collagen and elasticity.

Famous fans of the product are said to include Victoria Beckham, Michelle Preiffer and Kylie Minogue.

Deborah said: “They were discovering the more they did Botox, the more their faces did not match their body language and viewers found them difficult to trust.

“This pushes out those wrinkles and gives a smooth, supple look and feel to the skin – as opposed to the frozen-face look associated with Botox.”

Deborah, 46, refused to discuss her relationship with Camilla and Kate.

She said: “I’m afraid I cannot talk about that.”

Image credit to Photo Pool/Anwar Hussein Collection/WENN.com