Lauren Conrad and Kyle Howard Call It Quits

Lauren Conrad and Kyle Howard Call It Quits

Lauren Conrad — the reality show star, fashion designer, and now NY Times Bestselling author — recently called it quits with her boyfriend of three years, Kyle Howard. There must be something nasty floating around in the Hollywood air because relationships are fizzling out faster than a LiLo rehab plan (remember, Lindsay, you’ll always have a special spot in our hearts, especially mine — so don’t listen to all of our dirty talk).

While filming MTV’s hit series The Hills, Lauren managed to keep her relationship with Kyle a secret, a situation that ultimately fueled her decision to leave the popular show in 2009.

E! Online reports that “sources close to the now ex-duo confirm that the breakup was a mutual decision and that no third parties were involved.”

I guess we should give them some credit. I’d say three years is pretty solid, especially for a good lookin’ Hollywood couple. What do you all think?

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