Leroy Bell ‘We’ve Got Tonight’ The X Factor Performance Video 11/16/11

Leroy Bell 'We've Got Tonight' The X Factor Performance Video 11/16/11

Tonight is an all Tonight is an all new episode of Simon Cowell’s The X-Factor. new episode of Simon Cowell’s The X-Factor.  The theme of the show this week is straight up Rock, meaning Rock and Roll sure to be a departure for most of the contestants in the competition.  The final remaining 10 contestants will take on a rock song for this Wednesday’s live performance episode.

First up toniight Leroy Bell singing a version of Bob Seger‘s ‘We’ve Got Tonight’  Below are the judges comments and the video of his performance tonight.

L.A. said: We are no longer simply trying to get to the next round, we are looking for a star and you look great and sound great but you are not working it like a rock star, I need more.  Paula said: There is no mistaking that you have a beautiful voice but there needs to be more of a connection, start engfaging with the audince. Simon said: Nice song, good voice, zero for originality. Five million dollars, a Pepsi commercial, we have heard the same kind of songs week after week like you are in a cage. I want you to have a shot at winning and right now you can’t win. Nicole said: I believe in you and tonight is the best you have ever sung in this competition. You are the oldest person in this competition and you are great. L.A. Reid intervenes and says that Mick Jagger is older, you go L.A. Reid!

Watch the video below and let us know what you think?  Do you think they will be eliminated tonight?  Sound out in the comments below!  Stay tuned tomorrow night as well for the LIVE results show when host Steve Jones reveals America’s votes and who gets eliminated.  To see the rest of the videos visit our sister site Fit Fab Celeb here!

  • Ssg27

    FAIL=Simon, you just lost 18 veiwers(myself and 17 of my family members that have been watching) YOU sir disrespected the viewers WAY MORE than that little punk ASS-tro you didn’t have the GUTS to eliminate after his MAJOR DISREPECT to viewers. because it boils down to money instead of principle. you are going after the almighty dollar(even though you have NO need for it)that ASS-tro will sell more than Stacey, we were even forgiving after we read a column by Yahoo music critic Lyndsey Parker on how Stacey WAS a pro.even performed on Tony nominated Broadway show back in 1996. but you put the icing on the cake by keeping this obnoxious ASS-tro, hope 2-3 million others have the guts to pay back your disrespect to us veiwers by NOT watching! RIGGED? hell yeah, look what they did to those 3 guys from ILLUSION CONFUSION who Simon said”YOU ARE THE BEST GROUP IN THE COMPETITION BY FAR” and they got 2 standing ovations then their 1st audition NEVER shown along with 2 performances at bootcamp and the final straw,all other 31 acts got to perform undisturbed at judges house and an edited talking interveiw was put over theirs,THIS WAS PERSONAL. to go from “best group by far to having an interveiw put over ONLY YOUR preformance,almost smells of sabotage