Life & Style: Teen Mom Farrah, Why She Gave Up Her Baby – Photo

Life & Style: Teen Mom Farrah, Why She Gave Up Her Baby

On the September 26th cover of Life & Style Magazine they feature “Teen mom Farrah – Why She Gave Up Her Baby”.   The magazine has the shocking reason Teen Mom‘s Farrah Abraham, 20, changed her mind about keeping her daughter Sophia.  They also have have the info about her emotional goodbye.  They explore whether the decision was a selfish or was it to give Sophia a better life.  Farrah decided to leave two year old Sophia in Iowa with her parents and jet off to Fort Lauderdale, Florida by herself to start a new life.

Life and Style has more “They exclusively reveal that the reality star did make the decision to leave Sophia. In fact, her daughter is staying in Council Bluffs, Iowa with her mother, Debra Danielson, while Farrah is attending school in Fort Lauderdale for the past several months–and since, Debra has become Sophia’s primary caregiver.

Farrah tells Life & Style in an exclusive interview, “I want her [Sophia’s grandmother] to be there for Sophia when I need to take care of my responsibilities, my education and earning an income for both of us.”

What do you think of Farrah deciding to leave Sophia in Florida while she moves on with her life?  Sound out in the comments below!

To find out more about Farrah decision pick up the current issue of Life & Style which is on stands now!

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  • Guest

    If you’ve ever watched Teen Mom you can see how much Farrah loves Sophia. However unlike the other girls on the show Farrah went through a seriously traumatic experience losing Sophia’s father before she was born. And although being a teen mom is never easy, it is evident that Farrah needs to work on herself cause she is clearly still working through Derek’s  death. She is also the only teen mom who already has some college education and is continuing in order to eventually have a better life for her and Sophia.

    Being a parent is about providing the best care for your children and sometimes making the hard decisions. I don’t think Farrah made a selfish decision by leaving Sophia temporarily with her family.

  • Kellr7

    Awful!  Disappointed in that girl.  Her mother is terribly and now she’s leaving her daughter in that home.  Wow, a little surprising.

  • Melody Singh

    um, she had that child, its her responsibility. you dont just drop your child at your moms (especially after you go on about how horrible your mom is) and dissapear. its a selfish choice, that child has been with her mom for a while. terrible…you live the choices you make, be a grown up and accept your responsibility.  i think that the only mother on this show thats a good parent is Maci, she has no plans to ditch her child with her parents. that child is worked into all her plans going forward, thats what grown ups do.

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  • Kaylee_nicole_griep

    To Be Honest, She Should Take On Her Responibilty. She The One Who Had The Child Not Her Mom. If She Wanted The Education She Should Of Never Had A  Kid. Its Making Her Look Selfish. Do You Think Your Kid Wants To Know Her Grandma Better Then Her Own Mother.

  • Melanie

    There is nothing easy or wrong with the decision Farrah made. The way she is portrayed on Teen Mom is very egotistical. She could choose a closer school blah blah blah but she only want Florida? I understand living a better life by going to college but why leave your daughter behind. Many moms go to college and run a home.
    I was amazed the way she treated that little dog, it’s a good thing she gave that away.

  • Jesslynn200989

    I think she made a bad decision farrah is a spoiled brat and she think when she whines she’ll get her way. she is selfish and needs to grow up. whats her daughter gonna think now i dont have a daddy….or mommy except mommy made the desicion to leave me daddy didnt. farrah needs to wake up

  • Beauty

    I’ve been watching teen mom and I believe Farrah is the one I hate the most in the show. She’s so despicable with her mother as no respect whatsoever. She as no patience with her mother and always feels annoyed by Debra. Its almost like she regret having her as a mom but BOOM surprise!!!… Now that things are getting too hard who she turns to? Mommy. I hope she’ll turn out to have more gratitude for her mother after because I think she don’t really deserve that help. Its rly because Debra as Sophia’s interests in mind. Me personally I’m 20 years old I’m a mother of 2. I have my son of 2 and a daugther of 3 months. I’m still completing my bachelor but I stay close to them I don’t need to go miles away to get and education for myself. I have responsibilities and my mom won’t handle them for me. She’ll just help me. As a mother my kids come first. Before me. I think farrah is spoiled and her florida education is just luxury! Selfish

  • Macayla_brock

    wow!! seriously? If i was a mom there is no way in hell that i would give my baby up! especially after Farrah has already had Sophia for like two or three years. I think shes just trying to get out of being a mom! GROW UP FARRAH! YOUR A BAD MOM!

  • Dye_b

    That really isn’t right other teen moms can go to school and take care of a kid too. And u complain about how bad ur mom is and now u want ur baby to have the life you had. U better wish when u get back there’s not another baby for ur mom to take care of. Hopefully h can turn ur life around and u and sophia can have a great life